April 14, 2004

The memo that no one read

OK, just a quick question? Did any of you read that memo? No, not the memo for the President about the security updates prior to the attack on 9/11 that came out the other day and everyone is blogging about. I am talking about the memo that was supposed to be sent to all of you to tell you to set a cheese plate out for your visitors. I ran through a lot of the munu blogs today, and did not see a cheese plate set out in a single one. Pay attention, you all, otherwise, I might not be as careful as I have been about where I have been leaving all those mouse droppings. OK, you can go back to whatever you were doing now. But don't forget to put out that cheese!

Posted by Mr Mouse at April 14, 2004 05:30 AM

Gruyere, fontina, cheddar, brie, Monterey Jack? Parmesan, provolone, mozzarella? Cottage cheese, cream cheese, neufchatel? Ricotta? Edam? Jarlsberg? Pecorino? Gouda or Tilsit? Pont L'Eveque? Roquefort, Sada Blue, Blue Cheese? Gorgonzola? String cheese? Caciocavallo? Gjetost? Camembert? Feta? Queso Fresco? Muenster?

Just let me know, Man.

Posted by Attila Girl at April 14, 2004 09:07 AM

memo? ou est la memo? you would've got cheese but i didn't see any memo *sniff*

sowwy :(


Posted by Lemurgirl at April 14, 2004 05:55 PM

OK, now we are talking cheese!

Posted by Mr Mouse at April 14, 2004 08:30 PM
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