May 13, 2004

MadLab Purple

If anyone would really like a purple color scheme for their blog, I have a couple of samples over the the MadLab. Use the styleswitcher at the top of the right sidebar to view the purple skins.

Purple A is just the default CSS with a purple color scheme instead of blue.
Purple B is a solid purple background with very defined post and date divisions.
Purple C is very similar to Purple B with different borders for post entries and sidetitles.

These aren't very subtle designs... but anyone is more than welcome to use them. Actually, a nice subtle background image from Absolute Background Texture Archives would really tone it down. They have sections for a range of different colors. They also have a section for designing your own banner with different text effects.

Just grab the CSS link off the source code, paste it into your address bar, press go, and the the CSS will display in your browser window. Or feel free to grab the CSS and change the color scheme up.

Please don't grab the default template - someone already has spoken for it.

UPDATE: I put some backgrounds in the templates to tone them down. I think you'll like them more now. If you grab one of these templates, don;t gorget to grab the background image to. Then, upload the image, change the filepointers (2) in the CSS, save and rebuild.

UPUPDATE: Actually all the purple templates have been reworked and look much better now. And only the front pages are coded. The backpages still have the formatting from the main template... just soi you know.

Posted by Madfish Willie at May 13, 2004 06:01 AM
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