November 05, 2004

I learnt something today

I was posting a comment to Jim's tail (get it?) when I included the word "socialise", spelt as most non-Americans would. The comment was blocked because it contains "cialis". So now you know the Blacklist is working AND where the word Cialis came from...

Don't thank me for pointing this useless bit of trivia out.

Posted by Simon at November 5, 2004 04:40 AM

It did that to me a few months ago when I tried to use the word "soci@list." I thought it was fixed.

Posted by CD at November 5, 2004 06:03 AM

Put something like <i></i> in the middle of the word to get round the blacklist.

I think MT Blacklist 2 (which comes with MT 3) is smarter and only blocks on links and email addresses. I'll be installing it this weekend so we'll see soon enough.

Posted by Pixy Misa at November 5, 2004 06:19 AM

Also note that if it is in a comment on you blog you can edit it after it is posted and bypass the blacklist.

Short of that I recommend $ociali$t. Just because.

Posted by Stephen Macklin at November 6, 2004 01:14 AM

By the way, has Blacklist been disabled or something? Because I'm being overwhelmed by comment spam.

Posted by CD at November 6, 2004 05:03 AM

No, Blacklist is alive and well, and I haven't received any spam for a couple of days.


Posted by Pixy Misa at November 6, 2004 11:04 AM
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