November 11, 2004

One More Question

Okay, I'm logged into CPanel, and I figured out how to upload files with FTP. do I link to files so people can download them? There doesn't seem to be an option for that.

Posted by CD at November 11, 2004 11:06 PM

Make sure the file is somewhere in your www directory. Then just add a link like this:

<a href="">look, here's my file</a>

Posted by Pixy Misa at November 12, 2004 12:02 AM

So, if you uploaded a file titled pancreas.mpeg it would be linked with a simple [a href=""]Pancreas![/a].

Just replace [] with >, of course.

Posted by Tuning Spork at November 12, 2004 04:39 AM

Is that right??

Posted by Tuning Spork at November 12, 2004 04:40 AM

Pretty much. It's working now, and I'm going to be posting my exciting film on Friday afternoon. Everyone is welcome to check it out.

Posted by CD at November 12, 2004 04:51 AM
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