November 25, 2004

Intelligent blacklistin'

I opened up my site today to find one of the atrocious you-know-whats that was advertisin' what is possibly the end result of some sex-slavin' full of 'bout a million URLs. I, o' course, went through the blacklistin' scenario, but eye-balled the whole string of URLs that were fixin' to be added to our massively long and nearly too full list, and knowin' space on the list is now essential, found that string of characters that was common to all of the offendin' URLs, pared it down to that string and added it to the blacklist. I found, however, that such string was already a part of the list or smaller part of a URL that was included in the list. This led me to wonder if whoever had beat me to eradicatin' this supremely filthy set of sites took the time to pare the addition to the raw data needed to keep such offender from droppin' future such tidbits of unwanted information, and learned that they had not done so. I, therefore, usin' the find on this page function of the IE6 browser, located all the complete URL strings connected with the shortened string I had added to the list and deleted them from the list, thereby freein' up an additional 7 or 8 slots for future additions.

All I want to say is that with the list crammed full, we need to use a little bit of thought with makin' future additions to the blacklist.

By the way, has anyone thought to contact Jay Allen and inquire if there is some configuration switch that can be toggled in some way to increase the size of the blacklist?

Posted by Tiger at November 25, 2004 03:14 PM

I hope that person wasn't me. Really.

Your idea sounds like a wise and prudent course, Tiger, so maybe you could explain what you mean by "found that string of characters that was common to all of the offendin' URLs, pared it down to that string and added it to the blacklist."

If you could use words I comprehend with meanings I comprehend? I know, for example, that your use of the word "string" (something about charcters in urls) differs from my notion of "string" (which is something you tie stuff with) so maybe a simple example about what starts and ends a "string" would suffice.

I can follow really simple instructions so long as you assume I know absolutely nothing.

One question: is anyone else getting proverbs, homilies and quotations in old posts under a name that looks like spam but there ain't no spam? Those I haven't deleted or blacklisted, but I worry I might be letting someone slip under a net. (Yes, I really am that clueless.)

Posted by Debbye at November 26, 2004 04:24 PM

Me too, Debbye. I get one almost every day. Very strange. Quotes and such over spam names. I think it's to get folks to hit the name and draw them into a site.

Posted by Mamamontezz at December 1, 2004 04:51 AM
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