January 28, 2005

Help get the Mu-nus back on Google News

Here is an opportunity to up the hits for us all. As some of you know, my site is listed as a source for Google News (ok, stop snickering....)

The catch is that Google News crawler-bot seems to think my site includes ALL mu.nu extensions. I know all of you would hate the traffic....

The crawler-bot is having a problem, though, with the MT format. I thought I fixed the problem by making each of the post headlines a hyperlink to the post archive page. It seems that they need the main page headline to be a link to the post archive, but the archive page post headline must not be a link. Here's part of the e-mail from Google News:

we found the reason why our system may not crawl some your articles because your articles' headlines are still active links on the article page. If it is feasible, we recommend making the article headline inactive on the article page but not on the hubpage.

Little help, please.

Posted by Rusty at January 28, 2005 09:23 PM
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