July 04, 2005

Test Post

Test test. Post post.

Rare satellite imagery of Munuvia:


Cow Puppies

But because the animals will be difficult to ship to the U.S., the embassy plans to sell the cows and use the funds to buy Masai jewelry, which will then be displayed at a Sept. 11 memorial in New York City.

Some New Yorkers said they wanted the actual cows.

"The cows are the most amazing gift we received –- I mean, who else sent cows?" insisted Ed McCormick, a construction worker from the Bronx. "If those guys wanted us to have jewelry, they would have sent it. They wanted us to have cows. We should take the cows and raise them on a nice farm upstate and then send the cow puppies back to them someday."

The "cow puppy" concept might point up the reason New Yorkers would be better off with the beads, but no matter how it ends up, Manhattan residents are truly touched over the Masai gift.

(Wired News)

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