July 19, 2005

Open Source Amendment Petition

UPDATE: iPetitions was online briefly this morning but the amendment petition was not available. As of 2:00 EDT they are offline again. When I have the chance, I am going to find a new home for the petition. Possibly tonight but more likely on the weekend.

UPDATE: iPetitions seems to be online again (8:32 EDT) but the amendment petition still defaults to the under construction page. I sent them another email begging for a solution. Calling them seems pointless as their voicemail tells you to expect a quicker response to email. I'm willing to wait until noon tomorrow before pulling the plug and going to another site. There are several others available, but they are not as nice looking and some are bit over burdened with advertising.

Stay Tuned.

The Open Source Amendment Project petition is now available online. Tell Everyone.


UPDATE: The petition seems to be unavailable at the moment. I am working to get this resolved.

UPDATE: 6:50 EDT and the petition is still not available. I don't have a clue as to why since iPetition hasn't responded yet. It was working long enough last night to get two signatures! Counting the 11 who's names are on the front of the petition, that makes 13!

UPDATE: July 20. 8:50 EDT Not only is the petition not available, it seems the entire ipetitions site is down. Hopefully when they get back up - the petition will come along for the ride.

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