March 16, 2006

Call me sad...

So, looking through the SXSW convention, I see a lot of people have Blogger and Typepad gear, hats, t-shirts, that sort of thing. It sort of identifies them as bloggers, on shit hosts granted, but bloggers none the less.

Any thoughts on getting a cafe press or a spreadshirt thing going for gear - any takers?

Cos, y'know, blogging is cool and shit. Yo.

Posted by Tris at March 16, 2006 03:45 PM | TrackBack

I'd be more than willing to submit a few designs for consideration.

Posted by Stephen Macklin at March 16, 2006 06:21 PM

That would rock! And of course, proceeds to Pixy to cover costs!

Posted by caltechgirl at March 16, 2006 06:48 PM

I like the idea!

I'm in.

Posted by RightWingDuck at March 16, 2006 08:01 PM

Sounds cool to me.

Although since I never produced the cartoon, the connection between Penelope Antikiopoulos and munu is rather opaque...

So you're more than welcome to contribute designs that actually make sense. :D

Posted by Pixy Misa at March 16, 2006 10:23 PM


Do you want to collate the designs Pixy?

Posted by Tilesey at March 16, 2006 11:17 PM

Go for it.

What I'm thinking is a munu 2006 "World Domination Tour" shirt, with the munu logo on the front and a list of all the munu blogs on the back.

Don't know if we can fit them all on a shirt anymore, though. ;)

Posted by Pixy Misa at March 17, 2006 12:57 AM

Which email addy should we use?

Posted by Tilesey at March 17, 2006 11:34 AM

Nah, Pixy, with the right font, they'd all fit.

Put MuNu World Domination Tour curved across the t-shirt at the top on both front and back, 2006 curved across the bottom on both front and back, and list the blogs in columns on both front and back.

That's one worthless suggestion I have.

The other 2 cents I'll throw in is a simple "Do You MuNu?

With the URL on front and back.

Anyway, whatever form this takes, I'm a buyer!

Posted by Vinnie at March 18, 2006 12:38 AM

My suggestion for a slogan:

Mu. Nu?

For those of you who unfamiliar with the Yiddish, see here.

Posted by David Boxenhorn at March 19, 2006 09:27 AM

I want a nationality ellipse sticker for the back of my car. I know a shop which can cut one for me; should I get a quote on a production run?

Posted by triticale at April 3, 2006 11:43 AM
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