October 20, 2004

Help With Authors

I'm trying to set up guest bloggers to do their blogging thing, but I don't know how to change their name, once I've set it up, or how to delete a superfluous author.

Thoughts? Suggestinos? Ideas?

Posted by Bravo Romeo Delta at October 20, 2004 05:05 PM


The easier question first. To delete an unneeded author, you log into your administration page, where you will see the link on the top right for Add/Edit weblog authors

Clicking that link will take you to a page with 2 sections. In the top section, click on the View complete list of authors link. This will show a list of all the authors on all of MuNu. As you scroll down that list, you'll notice that each author that YOU have set up and have editing privileges for will have a small box in the Delete column. Just click in the box to checkmark it, then scroll to the bottom of the list to hit the Delete button, and the unneeded author is toast.

Note that this procedure comletely eliminates that user. If you just wnat to change what they are allowed to do, you need to change their permissions instead.

As far as changing names after setup, there are 2 options, depending on the circumstances. If the user has just been set up, and has not posted yet, but decides the name you set him/her up with needs to be different, the easiest & best solution is to just dlete the user as above, and recreate with the new name.

If you have an established author who wishes to change the name they post under, they'll need to use the Nickname field which they access from the Edit your profile link on their login page.

The challenge to doing this, is you must reconfigure your template slightly to make you blog show nicknames for authors instead of authors' names. And each author will need to enter a name in the nickname field, even if it's just the same as their current author name.

If this is something you need to do, let me know & I'll put up a quick explanation.


Posted by Light & Dark at October 20, 2004 06:10 PM
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