October 22, 2004


Many thanks to the hard-working tech support guys at our hosting provider, who logged into the server overnight to do some inessential maintenance and COMPLETELY SCREWED EVERYTHING UP!!!!!

It should all be working now. I'm really sorry about this, folks. I'll work this weekend on getting the new box set up, which is hosted at a place where they don't login to your server and screw things up. (Not because they're smarter or anything, just because they don't do that.)

And I'm really late for work, so I have to run. If you have any problems, you can reach me at andrewm -at- teleone -dot- com -dot- au for the next few hours.

Posted by Pixy Misa at October 22, 2004 01:09 AM

You poor, poor thing. I actually had visions of you (even though I have no idea what you look like, exactly -- but in my mind I picture a thinner, cuter Santa Claus) running around pulling on your hair and screaming.

Please let me send money? Pwease?

Posted by Margi at October 22, 2004 01:11 AM

I'm with Margi *grin* I've worked with computers long enough to have visions of disaster and you with your hair standing straight up (what would be left of it!).

Deep breath now - at least for the moment - the worst is over. ~~~~~ soothing vibes headed your way.

Posted by Teresa at October 22, 2004 01:20 AM

Andrew, thanks for ever'thin'. I was sure it was not your fault when I emailed, I was jes' not sure if you had any idea 'bout the incident. I am back up 'though now ever'thin' I wanted to say I have either forgotten or OTB/WizBang!/A Small Victory have already covered. Actually, I spent most of today "hand editin'" my manuscript. It is the first time I have actually done that, and was surprised at how many petty things I found while actually readin' my own damned book. It is gonna be a blockbuster, I think.

Posted by Tiger at October 22, 2004 01:50 AM

Pixy - If you won't put out the tip jar, at least tell me the cost of a 6-pack of your favorite barley and hops based beverage.

Posted by Stephen Macklin at October 22, 2004 02:39 AM

Dearest Pixy, I wish you much chocolate!

Posted by Susie at October 22, 2004 03:28 AM

Hey, a guilt-free day of no posting...it's not such a bad thing now and then. ;-)

Posted by Jennifer at October 22, 2004 04:35 AM

This is another good reason to live on this side of the planet. These things happen while you sleep...of course that it happens the same day I got linked by both Andrew Sullivan and Real Clear Politics means about 1 billion blog readers missed out on visiting. But I'm not bitter. Yes, sure I will hunt down the techy geek who screwed with our server and make him rue the day he dared meddle with Munu, but I'm not bitter.

Posted by Simon at October 22, 2004 06:16 AM

I am with you Jennifer. I needed the vactaion.

Glad it is back and working. Thanks for all your hard work Pixy.

Posted by Rachel Ann at October 22, 2004 06:17 AM

I too was grateful for the time off. My hands needed that break.

Actually, I felt terrible for Pixy knowing the mayhem that would ensue having all those sights out. A few of us munuvians actually emailed each other to check in and say hi rather than having a comment conversation.

I wish you a quick and full restoration and several quiet months ahead!

P. S. And in joining with the others, I think you deserve both a 6-pack and some chocolates. If I knew your address I'd ship some to you. So instead I'll send warm, fuzzy, bubbly, chocolaty thoughts.

Posted by Michele at October 22, 2004 02:46 PM

I too worried more about Pixy yesterday than whatever techie thingy was troubling Munuviana, and hope he knows just how much we all appreciate his care for this wonderful community of bloggers.

Thank you, Pixy.

Posted by Debbye at October 22, 2004 04:23 PM

When I critiqued one such provider, he used some small print in the contract to stop service. Nearly a year later, I repeatedly received emails from him reminding me to renew my subscription.

The arrogance of some of the wannabe technocrats seems to be boundless.

Posted by jcwinnie at October 22, 2004 05:23 PM

Don't have any beer or cash to offer ya, but I've got lots of roasted beets! Do ya like beets? I've got beets.

Posted by Tuning Spork at October 23, 2004 02:34 AM

I'd just like to add my sympathies and thanks to you for doing such a great job, Pixie. Maybe Simon could head back down to Oz and buy you some more fried rice in a pineapple...

Tuning Spork, OTOH, must hate you or something. Beets, indeed!

Posted by Victor at October 23, 2004 04:30 AM
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