November 27, 2003


Whether or not you're in the realm that celebrates Thanksgiving, I just want to wish you all a happy weekend with peoople you love, people who love you, good food, good drink, and good television.
As for myself, I'm thankful that Pixy gave me the chance to have a real blog, thankful that I got to "meet" all of my fellow Munuvians, and thankful that I haven't completely buggered my template.
Happy Thanksgiving or Happy Thursday... take whichever you like.

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Happy Turkey Day!

On behalf of GoatHead, Kang A Roo, & Madfish Willie, The Bartender would like to wish everyone a safe and happy Thanksgiving Holiday. May the holidays find you and your family healthy and prosperous!



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November 26, 2003


"Ask not what MuNu can do for you. Ask what you can do for MuNu."

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November 25, 2003

Give me feedback

I know I am not the best photoshopper, but on my blog, I have a fake picture of Howard Dean wearing a lapel pin that is questionable.

Tell me if its really that bad.

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November 24, 2003

Random Question of the Day

I know we have all kinds of geniuses here in Munuviana, so maybe one of you can answer this for me: I have Windows XP on my computer, pretty much the only browser I use is IE6. Every now and then, in my Favorites folder, appears a subfolder called "Links". It shows up uninvited, empty. I've found no pattern to its appearance, no one particular site is visited that prompts it.
Where does it come from?
I am on a cable modem that's turned on 24/7. Are the evil Microsoft demons flipping a switch back there and inserting it into my Favorites?
It's only a minor annoyance, and yes, you Mac freaks, I know how Macs never do this. And yes, Mozilla lovers, I know Mozilla doesn't do this either.
I'm just hugely curious about it.

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Sexiest Male Blogger

As some of you might know, I was nominated for "Sexiest Male Blogger".

So Go Vote For Me Now!!!

That is all,

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Midnight's Evil Good Twin


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Pets of MuNu

Yes Playboy has it's Pets of the Year. But this is the real deal. The Pets of MuNu...presented by Cleocatra:


Lee Ann:

Mookie and Rocket Jones:
Trix and Sam

Maggie and Mumin

Jen (thanks to Madfish):
Marquee (please don't hate me, Pixy)

Yellow Dog
Yellow Dog 2


Kono, Calle, Olie and Metro


If you've got others to contribute, drop a comment and let me know.

Let me finish with this thought: if Munu's pets are this good looking, imagine the owners!

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November 23, 2003

I think the battle is startin'

OK, so I told Kang that Pixy had not come around with another space to use as USURP HQ and that I needed my space back, and that damn marsupial kicked me ... with both feet and knocked me right back out of the room. I have attempted to enlist the assistance of Madfish Willie or one of his cohorts, but for some reason, his key does not seem to fit the lock. Pixy, we might need some assistance in this mess. After all, the playin' field is yours, is it not?

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Adding an author

On the main menu of the login page -- just under the welcome message -- it reads:

Select an existing weblog to edit, create new weblogs, add/edit authors, and edit your personal information.

But, I don't see a way to either create a new weblog or add an author to an existing weblog. How would do either of these things?
(I'm not interested in creating another blog right now, but I might want to add an author to Blather Review.)

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November 22, 2003

The Kangaroo Rebellion

It appears that Kang has gotten a fan and is gettin' really cheeky about movin' on. I am takin' volunteers for a kangaroo nettin' party.

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November 21, 2003

Fame and Fortune

MuNu is getting bigger. There's an article in the local paper today that mentions yours truly. Not quite an Instalanche, but I'll take it.

Also I'm still aiming to get the Pets of MuNu post done very early next week. So far I've got Susie, Bartender, Jen's (care of Bartender), Helen, Lee Ann, Mookie (who'll double with Ted), Victor and my own. Pixy and anyone else, can you please try and it get photos to me over the weekend at the latest? No photos of cows though.

Viva Munu.

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November 20, 2003

How did you do that?

Ok Bartender, by coincidence, I've been trying without success to stick a picture behind my blog columns.

What's the trick? It looks great!

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November 19, 2003

Where did Kang go?

I don't know how many of ya'll been payin' attention to what is goin' on over on Abject Apathetic Procrastination, but I am havin' to evict Kang as I need the room to create the HQ for USURP.

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Another Instalanche... yawn...

So, those of us over at the Pizzazz! got another Instalanche today.
Check it out!


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November 18, 2003

Tracking system

I know that I have seen an Internet tracking system that lets you know if people have you as a link on their sites, but I can't for the life of me find the URL. Does anyone know? People seem to be finding me from any variety of sites, and I am wondering where people are coming from (and SiteMeter isn't telling me).


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What happened?

Ok, Beloved Landlord and Keeper of the Templates--what happened to munu a little bit ago? (In English rather than Geek if you can). I had a nice long post that when *poof* into "Cannot Find Server" land......

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November 17, 2003

Pets of MuNu

I'd like to put together a "Pets of MuNuviana" post together so we can all go oooh and aaaah at each other's cats/dogs/cows/fish etc. Can everyone please send (if they want to participate) an email to me with a smallish photo of said pets. I'll set a deadline of Friday, Nov 21st so I can post it early next week.

Email is

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November 14, 2003

My New Kitty

I just adopted a new kitty. His owner passed away, and I am his new caretaker!

His name is Boots, and he is a 2 1/2 hear old Maine Coon.

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November 13, 2003

Survivor Scandal!

I'm taking Blogosphere Survivor waaay too seriously, I admit. I'm gonna post this here instead of in the comments section over at, partially because I haven't posted here in awhile, but mostly because I don't want to drag the good-naturedness of Survivor down. But it was originally gonna be a comment.

And my final comment? I'm serious. Let me have it in any comments to this post.

It was Lovely Wife who was out of commission.

I'll concede--grudgingly--that as an OK reason to be late. And I'll concede--grudgingly--Don only gave him a 3-hour extension.

Still, the rules clearly state: "If you miss a deadline, either for an immunity challenge or for voting, tough luck."

Rules is rules. They don't say anything about you getting a pass if you're sick, if your LW is sick, if your gf, your rat, or your mother is sick. They *do* say the consequences of missing a deadline are "...tough luck."

I have to explain: I'm a stickler for rules. If they're not applied fairly they're useless and the nature of the game is changed (you should hear me during hockey playoffs sometime). It was a tough call, and maybe if the other contestants had been polled they might've agreed with you, but it was still the wrong call.

OK, I'll shut up about this now. Everyone go ahead and tell me I'm taking this shit too fucking seriously. Really.

Tear me a new one.

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Scrolling Text

I passed some scripts over to Tiger and Simon. Now Helen wants to know how to do the scrolling text thingy [I found out in Simon's comments] so I thought I'd go ahead and post the code here and tell you the parameters.

This is the code for the text scroll on my site. [I label all the sections so I can find then faster.]

<!-- Scrolling Marqee: Start -->
<font color=maroon>
<FONT face="Arial">
<MARQUEE LOOP="infinite" BGCOLOR="transparent" width=850>
E-mail your entry for this Sunday's feature - <B>The Champagne Room!</B>
- Remember, there is NO SEX in <B>The Champagne Room!</B>

<!-- Scrolling Marqee: End -->

Marquee Loop can be set to any number.
BGColor can be set to any color value; "none" will display a black background.
Width can be set to any value in px or %; you'll have to tweak this value.
The text can be tagged with any regular text tag; I have bold in my scroll.
Postioning is achieved with normal tags or enclose script in a heading tag.
Scroll can be placed inside any element / container eg in the <Body> in the <Content> in the <Links> or even in a <Post>. My scroll is under the banner code and above the <Content> and <Blog> divisions.

This is a neat way to emphasis a particular event or contest or voting thingys you have going on. Motion draws the eye!

I hope this helps whoever needs it. You can see this in action at Simons World, Madfish Willie's, and JenLab as a preview for Survivor makeover. Enjoy!

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A MuNu Censored

My entry to this week's Carnival of the Vanities was censored. Here's the scoop.

Note that I'm not looking for a dogpile on the fellow who cut me, I just want the issue explored.

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New Site Design

I just finished doing some stuff on the Survivor site. I was then wondering what I could do with this site. I mean this is our group blog for crying out loud!

Don't you think we should spruce this thing up a little for the holidays? I have a whole bunch of Christmas Themed pics from the nightclub years. I could scan them and do some other stuff with the site. If anyone knows how to program for some rotating pics in a space on the sidebar or can point me where to learn how to do this, I will be more than happy to apply my meager skills to this endeavor. [Actually I'm practicing for my new site designs and need a guinea pig] Plus I want to try a couple of things out to see how to make them work.

Anyway, you guys let me know if you want me to do this for the group! Thanks!

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November 12, 2003

Geek Help, por favor

Not only is Simon having cookie problems, so is J over at Quibbles and Bits.

So, Geeks and Geekettes of Munuvia--how does one ensure that comments remember the commentors?

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Kangaroo Veterans

Kang has asked his fellow kangaroos to remember those kangaroos who have fought valiantly for kangaroo freedom.

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My internet connection at home has been down for the last 36 hours, and I have limited opportunities to do Munuvian stuff at work. So people who are patiently waiting for me to do stuff will have to continue to wait.

Blah. Fooie.

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November 11, 2003

New Smiley (in the Royal Voice)

Due to popular demand, we'd like to unveil the latest animated smiley...

The raised eyebrow:

It is our belief that this, along with whipping smiley, is one of the most useful ones around.


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How do you do it

Someone has suggested to Kang that he allow trackback linkage to be displayed on the blog, but Kang told me he doesn't know what to do and asked for my assistance. I have no idea what to tell him. Can amyone assist me to assist a poor helpless kangaroo?

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MT help plea + News

I'll just get straight to the point, and I'm hoping some of the MT gurus amongst us can help:

1. how do I block the Comment spam? I keep blocking the IPs but I read somewhere there's some kind of code you can add to block it out. Can someone please point me to where I can find this?

2. Pixy: any luck with the EntryIfComments plug in and uploading my archives? Or are they all still stuck in the big Crash of 2003?

3. What do I need to do to get the comments section to "remember" people?

In cheerier news, should any fellow Mununiks be in or near Hong Kong on 26th November, I'm trying to get the first HK Blogger "Convention" organised. Convention is a loose word here. Let me know.

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November 10, 2003


Kang has been postin' for one whole month now. Go by and congratulate him. He likes cash in case you were thinkin' of takin' him somethin'.

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November 09, 2003

Growing name recognition

Margi Lowry writes:

What a FINE catch! Mr. Green. A Munuvanian? Those are some cool people.
Hmm, looks like people are starting to notice us, and without any proselytizing, either. <semi-inappropriate analogy>We're sort of like the Jews: world domination, behind the scenes...</semi-inappropriate analogy>

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Moon during eclipse

I took this picture with my Sony digital camera last night during the full lunar eclipse. The picture doesn't do it justice, but it's not too bad.

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November 08, 2003

Air Munuviana update

Over at Rocket Jones. Pictures.

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Susie Spouts Off

I haven't posted anything here in awhile, but not having anything interesting to say never stops me on my own blog, so I'm not going to let that influence me here.

Anyway, I want to thank Jennifer for interviewing me, and Mr. Taylor (aka the Bartender) and Daniel for sending in a question. Your bribes thank you cards are in the mail.

Victor, I'm sorry I forgot to mention that you went to zulu time too. Now post something, OK?
And not another weather report--it's frickin' 27 degrees F here and I can't find my gloves!

Bob finished his great detective story--go read it! In order it goes Part One, Part Two, Part Three. You younger kids (Daniel, Jennifer) get the older ones (Mookie) to explain the genre to you first.

Speaking of Mookie, her dad drags her out to look at eclipses...poor kid.

LeeAnn has a cool new tagline: "agent of Satan, but my duties are largely ceremonial". LOL!!!!

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Hows this for a new MuNu logo? View image

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November 07, 2003

All Hail Pixy Misa

Just a quick thanks, Pix, for fixing the header graphics on my blog. I love them. I owe you.

And I am not saying this in any high-school kiss-up kind of way.

Thanks :)

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Writer's Noose

Can I just ask what happens to Writer's Noose now the whole sorry saga has come to a grizzly end? Does it just one day mysteriously drop off the world famous (and much envied) MuNu blogroll? Is that Chuck's final revenge?

While I'm at it how does that blogroll work? For example the semi-secret JenLab ain't there. Is there some secret process to making the list? Ooooh, I know, we all get to vote and then Pixy decides anyway. That works, right?

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November 06, 2003


I spent the money for the new server on Dungeons and Dragons goodies. So it will be at least another month before we move.

Which is not necessarily a bad thing... The longer I leave it, the better the deals will get. And the current server has two very strong points in its favour: it works, and it is dirt cheap.

Meanwhile, I'll get the forums up and running, and maybe tweak the MT installation a little. Couple of new plugins and such.

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Crying Crocodile Tears

Nobody loves the lowly kangaroo.

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November 05, 2003

Blog Tweek Testing

Is there a way to test tweek changes to my blog without saving and rebuilding everytime? I know in blog*spot, there was a preview feature to use before accepting changes. Also, how come a design change only works for a day then starts screwing up? I take out some of the weird scripts that may be causing it to mess up, but still not effective and had to change back to an earlier design index. Thanks for the help?

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Foxtrot blog humor


Heh - "Close your tag..."


Posted by Daniel at 07:51 PM | Comments (7)

Luuk Hosting

By the way, I have a little bear that is making his way round the world to take photos and have his passport signed. For those of you in that are interested, let me know on my site.

Posted by Everydaystranger at 08:40 AM | Comments (5)

MuNu Mk II

I'm looking at moving to a new server for a couple of reasons. I'd like something faster, with more disk space and memory and bandwidth - not because you guys need it (except that a faster CPU will speed up Movable Type, which can be a bit sluggish) - but so I can play.

The other thing I'd like to get is cPanel. cPanel will allow you to jump from just having a blog to having all sorts of goodies - email, chat rooms, forums, and, um, stuff like that. FTP logins, mailing lists, spam filters, subdomains, a file manager, databases, SSH access...

Anyway, take a look at the link above, play with the demo a bit, and let me know if you like it. The software costs $1400 to buy, but if I go with the right hosting company, I can get it for $10 per month instead. But there's not much point if none of you munukeys will use it...

(I'd also get this useful munukey manager, but you won't get to play with that...)

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Fair Play vs. Rampant Linkage

This is an important post that everyone should read.

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November 04, 2003

It cannot be!

Steven den Beste says:

That's not a characterization of Europeans I recognize. I would suggest instead the word effete, for which my dictionary offers three meanings:

1. decadent: characterized by decadence, overrefinement, or overindulgence
2. weak: lacking or having lost the strength or ability to get things done
3. barren: no longer able to reproduce

Yes, I think that pretty well summarizes it.

<snark> I don't think SDB and the word "summary" or any of its derivations belong together. </snark> Munuvians, I fear Steven den Beste is not himself. But who would have sufficient skillZ and motive to undermine him?

Only Al Gore. Having invented the Internet, he clearly possesses the requisite knowledge, and being a cyborg he would be able to hack even SDB's site.

Munuvians, we must arise and rescue Steven from the clutches of the Robotic One. To arms, to arms!

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Oughtn't we have some kind of logo? I mean, Cheddar X has one, the Alliance of Free Blogs and Hatred of Leftists or whatever they're called has one, so shouldn't That would be cool. Like a jpg or something that we all have on the sidebar.

I can't draw to save my life, so I am not volunteering or anything. But I am weighing in on this-it should have a hamster in it. Definitely.

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Survivor: The Blogosphere Edition

I'm trying to put together a Blog version of Survivor. I already asked Master Pixy for a seperate blog and if he sees fit to grant me that request, I'll need a banner designed. As I recall, one of my Munuviana friends has the capability to do this. Who might that be and would she be able to design a banner for said blog? Let me

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Is it just me?

Or are we getting slower? Especially popping comments on MuNu blogs seems to be taking a long time. RSS pulls are still lightning fast but opening a page off of an RSS link is also taking a while.

Or is it just me?

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New Munuvians

What are the requirements / rules / guidelines for a new member to this group? I know I posted some questions at Blackfive and Pixy Misa recruited me over from Blog*Spot. I was wondering what type of blog subject / quality / etc would be interesting to the group, and if the group is, in fact, looking for any new members?

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Help, help!

Can someone with broadband to help Kang post somethin'. For some reason it doesn't go through. If you can help, email Kang! roguegenius[at]hotmail You must keep the matter confidential, however, as it is a bit on the dark side. Let's just say that Sauron might be involved in this bit of hijinks.

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November 03, 2003

Idle Query

Wow, it seems like every day there's more and more Munuvians... and we're from all over the world! Is there any way we could compile a map showing where fifth-column Munuvians are poised to take control of the world live currently? Me, I live in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada right now (though my permanent address is in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA).

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