October 31, 2003

Mu.nu Names

There's so many: Munuvians, Munuvianans, Munu-kins, Munchkins, etc...
Those are just the ones I can recall seeing off the top of my head.

Any others?

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October 30, 2003

Ummm...some more MT help please

One more thing and I promise not to ask again for any more MT help.*

I'm trying to tweak my comments so if there are no comments it says something like "Please say something", and once someone has commented it changes to "Join the conversation" or some such.

I've found this MTEntryIfComments thingy but I have no idea how to implement this on my template. I experimented with it (I didn't inhale) but it didn't work at all. Any ideas?

Also I'm not quite sure what's going on over at Writer's Noose with Burger Queen but it's either brilliant or scary. Maybe both.

* for at least a week

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October 29, 2003

New Blog Showcase

Did Daniel enter The New Blog Showcase this week? If so, which entry is his? I'd like to at least read it before I voted for it. Thanks for any info you can give me!

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The parade of idiocy

Not quite thumbs up, but...

Smiley gets some...

And the original...

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More on blogrolls

Thanks to illustrious leader Pixy the new MuNu blogroll works a treat. I wonder if I can ask to take it one step further. One thing Blogrolling does that I find very handy is to append when a blog has been updated. Any chance one of the smarter amongst us can integrate that code too so if a munu blog has been updated (say) in the last 3 hours we have the option of saying "Updated" or "New" next to the link?

It means we don't need to click through the whole roll to see what's new if there haven't been updates. Especially if we're in a different time zone to most of you.

While I'm at it how do you do the collapsable list thingy like Jim at Snooze Button Dreams? That's pretty cool but I cannot decypher the code from View/Source to work out how to do it.

Viva MuNu!

By the way: one other afterthought - how do I get the MuNu blogs to open in a new window when they are clicked on from my blog? Do I have to alter the code in my template somehow?

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I'm Heeeeere!

Well, I made my last official post over at Blog*Spot tonight and posted the forwarding address. Whenever someone is ready to assist in the moving of the files, I'm ready. Thanks to everyone here for all the help in setting up and coding and making feel part of the group.

You guys rule!

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Chuck's Hull Has Been Compromised

To arms!!
Writer's Noose has been hacked by Chuck's stalker, Burger Queen. WTF?!!!
There's gotta be a way to stop this crap! Pixy?! Anyone?!!!

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October 28, 2003

Extended Entry Q?

Is there a way to do an extended entry to where you do the first part of a post, expand the extended entry, then have the last part of the post? Or am I friggin crazy?

Top of post...
extended entry >>>
Bottom of post...

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For Pixy

We thought it was fitting

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Random Madfish TV

I ran across a really cool web site the other day. It generates random stories using Star Trek characters, locales, themes, etc. Since my site is about entertainment and not opinion, I thought I'd replace the Star Trek characters and themes with Bloggers and blognames to see how funny it would be. Then you just project your mental (or otherwise) image of the blogger into the scene. I've done two posts using this format and I think it's really funny. I'm calling this new series Random Madfish TV

Anyway, I thought I'd use the Munuvian members as replacements in the future. Lots of linky luv everyday, plus you have to come by to see what ridiculous situation you get into.

If you have a favorite Star Trek character, or two, you would like to be, let me know. The characters go across the entire spectrum of all the differenet series, good guys, bad guys, everything... so let me know - first come, first served!

PS: I think I've just ruined Star Trek for a whole generation of viewers. Mwahahaha!

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Category Tags

I'm trying to add the tag to display the category of the entry in the posted by line at the bottom of each entry. I've looked through the help files and tried a couple of things that obviously didn't work. Tried to do a search in the sidebar but got blank page. Can someone help me out with the code, I know where to place it in the master index and I have the categories archiving enabled.

Thanks for any assistance you can give me!

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Poo Week

Just so you know, this week is poo week for me at work. If you don't hear from me by the weekend, send the dogs out.

Those of you waiting to load your archives... I'll see if I can grab a free minute.

Update:Speaking of poo, check out the latest update on Ambient Irony. Guess where I was keeping those files, guys? Nothing seems to be lost as such... Just misplaced. Hard to reach. Inconveniently located.

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Jen's Interview is up

Just so everybody knows (and so I can beg for pings), Jen's Interview is up over at my place: here.


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October 26, 2003

Quizilla Drink Quiz

I'm combing the blogosphere for people who have done the Quizilla "What Drink Are You?" quiz. If any of you have taken it and posted, I would appreciate a link or something so I can do a big post at Madfish Willie's!

Thanks for any help you can give me!

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October 25, 2003

Madfish Willie's

Hey I'm ready to make the move over here from Blog*Spot. I've got my templates to where they are acceptable and look like my old blog.

I have some minor questions:

How can I get a 3px border on the right of the calendar?

Do I have to do someting with my sitemeter to keep accurate counts?

Do I have to re-register with The Bear?

Where is the best info I can get regarding pictures?

How do I get the sidebar to remain the same width down the page, although I do not perceive a problem after I import my old posts?

Other than some minor template tweeks, I'm ready to import. I have my Blog*Spot template backed up and am ready to proceed.

I'll be checking my e-mail regularly today, if anyone is available to assist or AIM:mjt7665 as I am online today!

Thank you everyone for your assistance and making me feel at home!!


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Rally 'round!

'kay, munus--the Bartender needs a little help! Take a look at his blog and you'll see what I mean... Heather? Pixy? If you all don't help him then Stevie and I will have to, and odds are between the two of us we'll make Munuvia do the Atlantis thing....

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from a fish to a newt

Wow, over night, Abject Apathetic Procrastination has evolved from a Flippery Fish to a Crawly Amphibian. Who knows, maybe one of these days, kangaroos will be as popular as Susie. Of course, I am almost sure that Kang would likely settle for status as a Marauding Marsupial.

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Ted said he does not get Abject Apathetic Procrastination. I question whether anyone actually gets it ... well, except for me, and I think it is hilarious. Yes, I do know that I am strange, but strange in such a very unique way, wouldn't you say?

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October 24, 2003

Die, Activity Log!

I purged the activity log. It was about 2½MB, more than three times the size it was last time I purged it.

I did save a copy for posteriority.

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Okay, guys and guyettes, here's the trick:

To get a complete MuNu blogroll in chronological order (except that I stuck Munuviana at the top), use this code:

<script language="javascript" src="http://munuviana.mu.nu/mu.js"></script>
Or to get a blogroll in alphabetical order, use this:
<script language="javascript" src="http://munuviana.mu.nu/nu.js"></script>

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Question time

Two questions:

1. Is there an easier way to keep an updated MuNu blogroll? There must be some doo-hickey thingy whachit that someone can write so we can just have one link sitting in our Template with the updated MuNu roll all the time, ala Blogrolling?

2. I know this was already discussed in the comments of this previous post but I thought I'd bring it out into the open. Is MuNu ready to be the next big grouping in the blogosphere? Rise above the ongoing blog wars, voting as a bloc in New Blog Showcase, protecting and advancing our interests (whatever they may be) etc. I know I'm new here, but isn't the world blogosphere ready for this?


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October 23, 2003

Appeal to Reason

We Munuvians are an eclectic bunch. Some of us, like Pixy Misa, Jennifer, Daniel, Victor, Tim and Jim belong to the Axis of Naughty. Others, such as Heather, Tuning Spork, Roxette Bunny, Don, Simon, Tom and Madfish Willie and I belong to the Alliance of Free Blogs. Several are neutral or undecided. But we all have one thing in common. We are reasonable folks.

That is why I am appealing to my fellow Munuvians to vote in the New Blog Showcase this week. And I would like us to vote as a bloc, to counter the newly formed League of Loonies Liberals and their hand-chosen entry about the evils of capitalism (which I am not going to link to). I have already thrown the Alliance weight behind this post about terrorism and the outage at Hosting Matters. However, if there's a different entry you all would prefer to support, discuss it in the comments. We have to make a decision AND all post our links to it by Sunday night.

Posted by Susie at 07:29 PM | Comments (25)

Recent Postses

I'm now listing the 30 most recent mu.nu posts here on Munuviana. Unfortunately, it's still not coping with time zones properly. I will have to fix that, cause now with Simon on board, it's getting crowded at this end of the world.

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October 22, 2003

Comment Question

This is per a discussion going on with Will Baude -
Is there any way to tie comments to a particular day and not just to a particular post?
Does that make sense what I said?

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The Big 5

Simon of Simon World posted the 5000th entry at mu.nu. Way to go, Simon!

And, eek! 5000 entries?

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A Ping for Stevie

Stevie is learning about pings and trackbacks. Everyone ping Stevie!

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Hi To New MuNus!

It's probably just luck that we haven't had a name collision yet. Or maybe we have and I just don't know about it, since there are Munuvians floating about that I had no hand in creating. Are they TruMuNuvians then, or MuNuvian-Lite?

Anyway, new MuNus, hi! You know who you are... I won't make the official welcome announcement until you've had a chance to settle in, but that needn't stop the rest of you.

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Intro and Help

Hi all - I'm just starting to get set up with the new blog (the old one is here if you're interested). I'm hoping to be ready by the end of the week but just wondering if someone can help.

Is there a quick an easy way I can collect all the Mu.nu links and add them as a set of links into my blog, or am I facing a type-fest?


Posted by Simon at 04:12 AM | Comments (10)

Caramel Apple Cheesecake

I made this once for Thanksgiving, and ever since I have been asked to make it for every Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner as well as non-holiday get-togethers.

1 can (21 ounces) Comstock or Wilderness More Fruit Apple Fruit Filling
1 10-inch graham cracker crust
2 packages (8 ounces each) cream cheese, room temperature
1/2 cup sugar
1/4 tsp vanilla extract
2 large eggs
1/4 cup caramel topping
12 half pecans
2 Tbsp chopped pecans

1. Preheat oven to 350°F.
2. Reserve 3/4 cup apple fruit filling and spoon the remainder into the bottom of the crust. Level. (Tip for presentation: Instead of 3/4 cup, reserve 12 nice apple slices but no other "pieces"...and a spoonful or two of sauce.)
3. In medium mixing bowl, combine cream cheese, sugar and vanilla with electric mixer until smooth and creamy.
4. Add eggs; mix well.
5. Pour over apple filling.
6. Bake for 50 minutes or until center is set.
7. Cool to room temperature.
8. In small saucepan, heat together reserved apple fruit filling and caramel topping over low heat, stirring gently.
9. Spoon caramel sauce into center of cheesecake and spread evenly over top. (Tip for presentation: If you reserved the 12 slices, put those evenly spaced around the edge before spooning the rest of the caramel mixture onto cheesecake.)
10. Decorate with pecan halves around edge of pie and sprinkle center with chopped pecans.
11. Refrigerate until ready to serve.

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October 21, 2003

Two new ones?

Are there two new Munuvians? I think so...
I got the first "Yea!" over at Simon World.


Posted by Daniel at 04:25 PM | Comments (8)

remembering commenters

Pixy, or anyone else who might know,

I've had a guest leave comments on my site, but not be 'remembered' the next time she went to leave another comment. The 'remember me' box is checked. Any ideas? The comment thread is here.

I just had a thought, could she have cookies turned off?

Posted by Ted at 12:39 AM | Comments (3)

October 20, 2003


is back. I'll try to get back to my pre-university levels of two or three posts per diem. We'll see.

Posted by Tim at 03:57 PM | Comments (10)

Go Munuvia!

As Jen noted, I got an Instalanche today for my post here.

Also, does everyone else love those "Real Men of Genius" commercials as much as I do? Like Bud Light, I too salute Mr. Footlong Hot-dog Inventor.


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October 18, 2003

Dedicated to JadeGold


Posted by Victor at 02:58 AM | Comments (23)

October 17, 2003

Gold Enclave Madness

I find the similarities between these two pics rather amusing...


Flat Gold.jpg

Great minds think alike?

Posted by Cherry at 12:37 AM | Comments (14)

October 16, 2003

HLN vs. The Troll

Here's a graphic representation of the strike back against the troll


(yes, I was just looking for an excuse to post this picture)


Posted by Daniel at 08:12 PM | Comments (6)

Gold Enclave of Privileged Capitalists

My strike back at JadeGold is up at my blog. It was immediately linked by Outside the Beltway, so it should get SOME exposure.



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October 15, 2003

Graphics Guru in our Midst?

Hey, does someone have time to make/design a quick graphic for me? I know pretty much what I want, but I really suck at making anything more than basic text.

Drop me an e-mail?



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October 14, 2003

Stayin' Alive

Yep, it seems that old Tiger is still alive, because he just posted another stupid kangaroo picture over at Abject Apathetic Procrastination.

Posted by Tiger at 11:43 PM | Comments (2)

October 13, 2003

old question, new asking

I've always wondered about this, but never had such an august panel of minds at my disposal for the answer.
Sometimes after visiting a website, I find that no matter how many times I click the "back" button, it remains on that same page... it might do that little reload movement, but naught else. The only way to leave is to access the little downward pointing arrow on the back button and choose the last page you were at from the dropdown. (I'm using IE, by the way.)
I get extremely peeved at this, in that it feels akin to kidnapping. Held hostage against normal means of leaving by a hostile force. Kinda.
Why does it do that?

Posted by LeeAnn at 11:52 PM | Comments (6)

Munuvians! Attack!

JadeGold's website.


Posted by hln at 07:53 PM | Comments (6)

Entry list for just one category?

I've got the master archive index and that's fine as far as it goes but I'd like the individual category archive pages to have an index at the top of the page. So if people went to my "Snooze Button Dreams" category page it would look sort of like this:


[SBD Title]

[List of posts in the SBD category only]

[Posts from the SBD category only]

I've figured out that it's the Category Archive that I need to mess with. What I can't figure out is how to get a title to say what category that page is for or how to get the list of posts for only the appropriate category. Which is to say, everything that's not plainly obvious has me stumped.

Can anybody help with this one?

Posted by Jim at 06:58 PM | Comments (9)

The first post in two days...

Some eye candy for all of you S&M munuvians out there.



Posted by Daniel at 03:08 PM | Comments (15)

October 11, 2003

A Grave Injustice

In 1969, Dr. Raymond Damadian was the first man to use radio signals to detect cancer tissue. He discovered that cancer tissues reacted differently to radio signals than regular tissue. 33 years later, 60 million MRI scans were given, saving an untold amount of lives from the ravages of cancer. Today, the Nobel Prize was awarded to celebrate this accomplishment; the problem is, of course, that Dr. Damadian did not receive this prize.

Three years after dr. Damadian discovered this reaction of cancer cells, another man altered his machine to make the images clearer, and more quickly accomplished. This man, Paul Laterbur, along with Peter Mansfield, received the nobel prize for medicine for inventing the MRI scanner. Apparently, the Nobel prize committee cares little for the fact that this case had already been tried in court and won by Dr. Damadian, who holds all patents on the MRI scanner.

Dr. Damadian dedicated his life to inventing the MRI scanner. Anyone who has been helped by an MRI scan in their life owes a debt of gratitude to this man. He received a medal from President Ronald Reagan for his invention; the Nobel committee chose to ignore this as well.

The nobel prize for Medicine allows for up to 3 people to receive the award in unison. This means they intentionally omitted Dr. Damadian's name from the list, when they could have easily included him. Why would they do this? Because the Nobel prize is run and decided by scientists. Laterbur and Mansfield are scientists. Dr. Damadian is a medical doctor, who came in from outside the field and accomplished what these men never could.

Laterbur once stated that he would never share the award with Dr. Damadian. Their disbute began with the patents; Laterbur wanted to sell it to GE, and Damadian wanted to produce the scanner himself, which he has been doing for the last 20 years. I wonder what ties Laterbur has to the men on the committee for selecting the Nobel prize? Surely they would favor their colleague over an outsider, who came in and made the largest advancement in their field this world has ever seen, without their help. This man's entire life's work has been robbed from him by a committee of ivory tower scientists. Justice must be served.

Do you have a problem with this? Because I sure do. Express yourself via email:


Tell them what you think of the fact that they disregard this man's discovery of Magnetic Resistance Imaging because he isn't a scientist. Because they owed their buddy paul a favor.

Posted by John at 12:45 AM | Comments (11)

October 10, 2003


As that i'm the loveable Blog-Child. (i'm throwing the guilt/pleading on thick here) i need help, i've emailed a couple pleads by now, and heres the truth.

I need help on an assignment for government. Its a really stupid project on the "Exchequer" unfortunatly not the software or restaurant, but the Office. SO any and all help would be greatly appreciated. (PS. I'll give all the links to kids at school)

Okay i'm done begging.

Posted by Mookie at 02:48 PM | Comments (2)

Where's the porn?

It sure ain't at Abject Apathetic Procrastination and ain't likely to be showin' up there anytime soon, either.

Posted by Tiger at 04:22 AM | Comments (7)

October 09, 2003

Victor is an evil evil man......

Not only has he sworn allegiance to the Puppy Blender, not only has he taunted me with visions of photos of brawny firemen that failed miserably to satisfy my, er, imaginings, now he provides us with a link to a fabulous chili receipe based on SECRET INGREDIENTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Evil!!!!! Evil, I say.......

Posted by Susie at 10:17 PM | Comments (4)

Collinization: On Ice Line!

Okay, so Collins doesn't want mu.lah, but he still needs a computer.
I have an old 1 gig harddrive with 16 megs of RAM and a 56 k modem sitting around doing nothing. If anyone wants to throw in a working keyboard and/or monitor I'll glady ship off the tower to Collins.

I have no idea what it would cost to ship something so heavy and bulky, and I'm pretty strapped for cash lately meself. But if someone (Collins) wants to chip in for the shipping I'll send it off in a jiffy!

Of course, someone has to get a shipping address..

(Heck, if anyone wants to send me a working monitor I'll gladly pay shipping!) :D

Posted by Tuning Spork at 05:53 AM | Comments (8)

Is there one missing?

I was running down the list of munu blogs and couldn't find Abject Apathetic Procrastination among the entries, and of course, if they are in alphabetical order, I am sure it should be somewhere among the top entries. I wonder if someone has that in mind when coming up with that name?

Posted by Tiger at 04:06 AM | Comments (11)

October 08, 2003

Mu and Nu in science

I'm writing a journal article about some research in which we have two methods of doing things. I'm trying to sneak it by my advisor and call them the Mu and Nu methods.
Updates on success will definitely follow.

Posted by Daniel at 08:00 PM | Comments (2)

Hmm, what is this?

What is this all about?

Posted by Tiger at 02:53 AM | Comments (2)

October 07, 2003


How do I add categories to my template? That is, I want each post to say what category that post belongs to. Like:



Permalink | Date Posted | Author | Category


Posted by Jim at 07:35 PM | Comments (11)

Mmm, Forums

Well, I've got the forum working, but I was thinking of adding a system for tracking MuNu Points. (What would the currency of Munuvia be, do you think?)

Since I might trash the whole thing while I'm installing it, it's probably best if you don't use the forum just yet. So I'm not going to tell you where it is.

Posted by Pixy Misa at 03:27 PM | Comments (15)

October 06, 2003

Caption Contest Results

The wonderful thing about Munuvians is our sense of humor. There were so many great captions that made me laugh out loud that's it's impossible to pick only one winner!
A Participation Award to mikeymom. Thanks for playing!
A Participation Award to Tuning Spork (for his first try "I regret nothing").
Honorable Mention to Heather, for her reference (deliberate? not important--I made the connection and that's all that matters) to "The Adventures of Buckaroo Bonzai Across the 8th Dimension".
Honorable Mention to Mookie for her sly reference to "Mommy Dearest".
Second Place to Tiger for making me chuckle.
First Place (tie) for making me laugh out loud to Ted, LeeAnn, Daniel, Victor and Tuning Spork (for "the boy ON the hood" caption).

Your prizes? Well, while I'm sure Victor is hoping for boobage, you're all going to have to settle for pingage....

Posted by Susie at 04:20 PM | Comments (5)

Speaking of Which

In light of the increased bloggage in Munuvia, I've boosted the number of recent posts listed from 10 to 15. I took it up to 20, but that was a bit overwhelming.

I still need to sort out the time zone problem; but until I do, Cherry and I will just have to share top billing.

Tomorrow: a forum!

Posted by Pixy Misa at 03:02 PM | Comments (3)

October 05, 2003

New kids on the block

Welcome Heather, Don and Jim!

As Munuvians, you must be added to the decals on the Air Munuviana.

I'll post the first draft of the decals sometime this week. What I need from you three is your country, because I'm putting a national flag next to each Munuvian's name. Tim gets two - Canadian and American - because he drank the weird milk and it's changed him. He say's "eh?" and everything.

So let me know please, and if you want special logos like university or other affiliations, speak up. I may need you to find it and send it to me.

Air Munuviana makes her maiden flight November 1st or 2nd in Culpeper, Virginia.

Posted by Ted at 05:37 PM | Comments (18)

Just Thinking Out Loud

Munuviana web forum, anyone?

Posted by Pixy Misa at 10:19 AM | Comments (5)

October 04, 2003

Caption Contest

Ok, to avoid crawling into my template to add Snooze Button Dreams to the Munuvian line-up, and also so as not to spoil the punchline on my blog, I'm going to have a caption contest here. Y'all have until Sunday midnight to come up with the best caption, and the prize will be...something.


[Thanks to Heather for seconding an idea I had but was iffy about until she thought of it too......]

Posted by Susie at 03:37 AM | Comments (11)

October 03, 2003


Susie and Spork noted that Munuvia has been a little bit flaky today. I'm not sure exactly what's going on, but one of my IP addresses - just one, but the important one, because it's where the blogs live - has decided to disappear from the internet for short intervals.

Weird. Just plain weird. All the others work fine, except for the one I assigned to the second ethernet port which no longer seems to be connected to anything at all. If problems persist, I will move the blogs to a different IP.

Beyond that... Well, beyond that there is the New Server™. I'll be talking more about the New Server™ in coming weeks. It doesn't actually exist yet; I'm still scouting out the best deals and the most reliable hosting companies. But it is definitely on the cards now, and will probably (bangs head on wood) be up and running before Christmas.

Unless, of course, the mice get to it first.

Posted by Pixy Misa at 11:24 AM | Comments (5)

Hello? Is anyone home?

Wow, where did everyone go? Did someone forget to send my an invitation? Or was it intentionally not sent my way? ;)

Posted by Tiger at 02:02 AM | Comments (12)

October 02, 2003

Help me donate to charity

Yes, I have a challenge on my site. Only the home of the Nightly Navel Gazing Report™ would focus on navel displays during a Boobie Thon. Now all you have to do is go vote for the one with the sexiest navel.

Posted by Tiger at 06:15 AM | Comments (4)

Ask and ye shall be sorry.....

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Rampaging out of the terrain, cutting down all who dare stand in the way using a vorpal blade, cometh Mu Nu! And she gives a cruel cry:

"I'm going to bruise you so utterly, you will drink poison and piss honey!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by beatings : powered by monkeys

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Yea, verily: Who is that, striding on the mini-mall parking lot! It is Munuvia, hands clutching a mighty sword! And with a low bellow, her voice cometh:

"I'm seriously going to contort you until your mom feels it in her womb!!!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by beatings : powered by monkeys

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Who is that, striding amidst the candy store! It is Munuviana, hands clutching a thorned whip! He bellows thunderously:

"I'm going to clobber you into the stuff of nightmares!!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by beatings : powered by monkeys

What Is Your Battle Cry?

Prowling on the tundra, attacking with gilded boxing gloves, cometh Munu! And he gives a mighty cry:

"I'm going to flog you until the sun burns out!!!"

Find out!
Enter username:
Are you a girl, or a guy ?

created by beatings : powered by monkeys

Posted by Susie at 02:48 AM | Comments (3)

October 01, 2003


OK, I'm an idiot. I've got my 100th publius.mu.nu post coming up (I almost missed it), and I want it to be good. Anyone got any ideas? Even though I'll probably f--- it up royally?

Posted by Victor at 09:22 PM | Comments (4)


I'd like to extend a big Munuviana welcome to, well, me. So, welcome aboard Don...we're glad you joined the team.

Posted by Don at 04:37 PM | Comments (5)

Hey, wait! We're not open yet!

I guess that there's a certain amount of interest in Front Line Voices...


Posted by Pixy Misa at 04:15 PM | Comments (1)