June 30, 2007

Comments. Spam. Broked.

Someone has apparently added "com" to the blacklist, preventing people from commenting because their email addresses are invalid. I can't fix it, because I ADMIT THAT I DON'T KNOW WHAT I'M DOING!!!!!

There. Is that so hard?

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June 28, 2007

Bandwidth Exceeded

I've exceeded my bandwidth -- help!

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June 26, 2007

Pull Down Menus for Archives

My archives list is getting rather long, so I was wondering if I could condense all those months into a drop-down menu. What code should I use and where do I stick it? (lol)

The article here:


does not say where to insert the code. Call me crazy, but I would think the location of the code would be important.

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June 24, 2007

What Happened to NZ Bear??

OK, I've been absent for quite a while. But when did NZ Bear have a farewell party? His domain seems to be dead, and there are no forwarding links. Is this some dirty trick by the Kos Kidz, or has he really gone? What happened? Somewhat mystified...

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June 21, 2007

Die Spammy Bastiches!

Sorry about the latest server wobbles. Someone decided to grace Sarah of Trying to Grok with tens of thousands of pieces of email spam. I've deleted the garbage and blackholed the incoming spam, so we should be okay until the next wave of crap that comes our way.

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June 19, 2007

Comments are El Busto. Again.

So whenever someone wants to comment they get this error:
"Quantifier follows nothing in regex;" followed by a long damn string of what appear to be blacklisted websites.

This is true on my blog and at the LLamas, not sure where else, as I haven't tried it elsewhere, yet.


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You Can Has Cheezburger!

Hi everyone! mee.nu, the commercial sister site to mu.nu, has gone live. That means that anyone can sign up and set up a blog right away. If you have readers looking for something better than Blogspot (or who want to set up their first blog), point them that way.

If you want to post a little announcement on your own blogs, that would be very welcome. :)

I'm testing the MT to Minx migration right now. This will be an export/import; currently it doesn't keep your templates or maintain permalinks, so if you're worried about that you might want to wait a bit. If that's not critical to you, though, we should be ready for you to move in by the end of the week.

This week I'm working on the forum module; you'll be able to run forums that are fully integrated with your blog. Next week I'll be uploading the new theme builder, which lets you quickly build a custom blog design. Following that are polls and quizzes, photo albums, podcasts, and chat. And a special surprise. ;)

The next few months should be lots of fun for mu.nu and mee.nu!

P.S. You don't need to move to mee.nu. You can move to the new software and keep your mu.nu address.

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Resurrection Blues

Is there anyone out there in Munu land who would care to take a look at my old bit of fluff on the net and see what I have done to screw it up? I have "redesigned" the blog (changed the Index and stylesheet) and now am no longer able to post on the new version. The html seems to validate correctly and there are only some minor flaws in the css. The site meter is probably going to go so that code splotch on the bottom will be gone as well. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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June 18, 2007

Posts Not Saving

New posts won't save and I can't rebuild. I get an error message each time.

"Writing to '/home/nicodemo/www/archives/230506.php.new' failed: Opening local file '/home/nicodemo/www/archives/230506.php.new' failed: Permission denied"

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June 16, 2007

Being a Pest

I wanna merge my blogs, but I can't figure out how to import the exported posts.

Complicating matters, I can't remember how to get into the control panel for my blog either.

Any ideas?

Helpers who want to write long notes can email me at trey AT treygivens DOT com.

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June 14, 2007

Something Not Right


Ever since I set up my new domain I have been getting visitors that are actually wanting to visit Lemurgirl.mu.nu and grumbles.mu.nu to my domain of http://www.wheelingparanormal.com

Any way I can fix this?

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June 13, 2007


My link for MT default styles is broken. :(


May we use templates from here: http://www.thestylearchive.com

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June 10, 2007

Jawa Comments Down

Just in case Pixy missed the email I sent.

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June 05, 2007

It's not even summer yet, but we've got repeats already...

Sigh. Someone has added both google.com and yahoo.com to the blacklist. I would delete them myself, but, unfortunately, my browser always locks up before even a thousand or so of the over 27k banned words, phrases and urls can load. Can anybody help? And can we maybe figure out who did it and give them some pointers?

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June 01, 2007

Bandwidth Uppage

Hi kids!

Since you've all been good lately, I'm doubling your allowance!

Nearly every month there are a couple of Munuvians who hit the bandwidth limit and see their sites temporarily go offline.

To explain: Each blog has a certain bandwidth allowance, and if you go over that, the server suspends your site automatically. This isn't a fixed limit, though, but rather a safety feature so that if someone, say, hotlinks an image from your site, they don't chew up all the bandwidth of the server and cost us hundreds of dollars in excess usage.

At our previous service provider, we got, I think, 1.5TB of bandwidth per month per server, and then it was 50 cents per GB after that. The servers cost around $150 each, so it worked out to about 10 cents per GB for the first 1.5TB, and then it suddenly got expensive.

At our current provider, we get 2TB per month for servers costing about $200. After that, it was 25 cents per GB - a lot better, but still more expensive than the packaged bandwidth.

This week they reduced their excess usage charges to 10 cents per GB, so now it works out the same as the pre-paid bandwidth, so there's no longer any big problem. Last October, a 1TB overrun would have cost $500; now it's just $100.

What this means is that I can go through and double everyone's bandwidth allowance. :)

There's a couple of hundred accounts to adjust, though, so it might take a couple of days. But since we're in a new month, no-one's likely to run out for a little while... I hope. ;)

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