February 25, 2005


I had this thought about how to do something and I wanted to run it by everyone else to see if it sounded like it would work or if it would have any problems.

I'd like to work out something like "asides" (see here for explanation of how it works in WP) on MT. Basically, posts from a certain category would display completely different on the main page than posts from other categories (but would still appear in the order they are posted). My thought is to create a separate style sheet named after the category (asides.css) and have in my template have the style sheet called up depending on the category of the post. So, if the category was 'asides' it would call up the asides.css In that file, I would simply have the display:none turned on for certain parts of the posts (like the comments, etc.)

Here's my question though. I've never seen coding where a whole stylesheet was called up in the body of the code (only in the header). Is it possible? Secondly, if the style sheet didn't exist (which it won't for all the other categories), what's going to happen? Third, am I just making this needlessly complicated?

Oh, and another question - is it possible to do a random image scripty thing inside of a stylesheet? Or am I just dreaming on that one?

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Carnival of the Recipes

The latest edition is up at Rocket Jones.

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February 24, 2005

OK, who's the comedian...

...who put "Windows" into the BlackList? Who's the Mac user here?

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February 23, 2005

Want Your Post Listed On Google News

I'm starting to see some more hits from Google News and have now figured out a way in which you can get your posts listed on the service provided you don't mind the erroneous, scandalous, and might I add vilainous label of The Jawa Report attached to your blog.

Here's the scoop. Originally I had thought all mu.nu posts were being fed to the Google News bot. Not so. However, all individually archived mu.nu posts that I link to are included on Google News.

It get's even simpler than that. It seems that all individually archived posts that even send me a Trackback also get added to the page.

If you want one of your posts up just send any one of my posts a TB and wait for the hits. Don't expect a landslide, though. But hits are hits, eh? I'll try to do a daily link drop and you can TB that one if you want.

After you do that wait half an hour and type "Jawa" into the Google News search engine and then sort the results by date. Your post should come up It will be listed as "The Jawa Report" but the link will be to your blog.

If sending me a TB doesn't work just drop me a line and I'll do a quick link post just for you.

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February 22, 2005

Commenting Woes

Hello out there.

Can somebody help me? I feel ridiculous putting a post up about this, but I didn't know where else to go. One of my friends wrote to me and told me that she was unable to comment on my blog, as she is "forbidden" - I told her to hang tight, thinking that it would get cleared up in a couple days, as things usually do. It has been about two weeks and she still can't comment. Does anyone know how I can help her out?

Thank you!

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New Blog Carnival Second Edition

Lucas has done a fantastic job with the New Blog Carnival Showcase Extravaganza No. 2. Lots of great new blogs to check out. Next week is at Karin's.

If you're interested in hosting an edition or want to follow the upcoming locations, check out the Showcase HQ.

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February 21, 2005

The Pixy Misa Token Of Gratitude eBay Quest

I clicked. I bid. I conquered.

It took a few rounds, and turned out to be an interesting challenge, thanks to Victor and his seventeen pet rats. Thanks as well to everyone else who offered good suggestions. Tuning Spork may be saddened by this by mail-order brides, from China or otherwise, are not available on eBay. They have some silly rule about auctioning off people or something.

For our venerable leader and tireless battler of spam a gift. A first edition copy of Robert Heinlein's Tomorrow the Stars.

All I need now is a shipping address.

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February 19, 2005

Hey ya'll! Remember me?

I guess the All-Powerful and Wonderful Benevolent Leaderâ„¢ has not disallowed my access to the Munuvian Empire Blogs. . .so, I herewith humbly request your assistance.

I have created some banners for RP and we want to implement these banners (I believe there are eight, in total) as rotating banners for him. I have, indeed, found Madfish Willie's helpful tutorial but am curious about using .php to keep load-times to a minium. I'm a little rusty with MT as I'm a WordPress convert. . .

Also, I'll need detailed instructions for RP to add me (if he so desires) as a blog author so that I can get in there and tweak his code. (Sounds dirty, huh? Heh.)

Any help provided in this regard would be appreciated. THANKYATHANKYATHANKYA!


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Carnival of the Recipes

Rocket Jones will be hosting the next two Carnivals of the Recipes (scheduling quirk). I'm asking all Munuvians to send your best recipes to me or, better yet, post them on your blog and let me know that they're there so I can link to them. Drinks, appetizers, desserts, oddities, it doesn't matter, so send 'em or post 'em. Thanks.

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February 18, 2005

Tiger Tiger


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February 17, 2005

The Pixy Misa Token Of Gratitude eBay Quest III

With just over 10 hours remaining I have been outbid on Assignment Eternity. The current bid is $56.00.

I am moving on to The Menace From Earth. I have the high bid at $35 (reserve not met) with 3 days and 10 hours remaining.

(Note: This quest will continue until successful. This will be the last time I double post. All future updates will be at my site only. P.S. I am still looking for an address to ship this to if anyone has it)

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Uploading Issues?

Lately I've had real problems uploading pics, etc-is the problem just on my end? I've tried it from two different LANs and still she no work...


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February 15, 2005

Pixy Misa's First Edition

The Pixy Misa Token Of Gratitude eBay Quest continues with another Heinlein first edition Assignment In Eternity.

My current high bid is 33.52, the auction reserve has not been met. There are currently 2 days and 8 Hours remaining in this auction.

Hardcover Book in ORIGINAL DUSTJACKET! This is the TRUE FIRST EDITION/ 1st PRINTING OF THIS CLASSIC HEINLEIN NOVEL! The $3.00 price is intact on the jacket. The stated 'First Edition' is on the copyright page. The condition of this rare and valuable treasure is incredible. ONE OF THE BEST YOU WILL SEE IN CONDITION! The jacket has only light rubbing and a touch of wear as shown. The book boards are square with a tight binding. The boards and inside pages are very clean and in excellent condition.

Published by:  Fantasy Press, 1953.


UPDATE: There are five other titles I am watching they all end 5 - 6 days from now: The Number of The Beast - Illustrated, Tomorrow The Stars, Rocket Ship Galileo, The Menace From Earth, and Red Planet

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February 14, 2005

Closing Old Trackbacks

Online Poker has decided that I simply MUST have trackbacks to my old posts.

Is there any clever script, like the script we have for comments, that closes the ability to trackback to old posts?

Online poker-never had it, never will.


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Getting A Munuve On

I've updated MT3 to 3.15, and MT Blacklist 2 to 2.04b (and still no de-spam button, darn it!) and re-applied my little import-it-yourself patch. With that done, and the secret volunteer program getting under way, and all the server and spam problems squished, we should be able to restart the upgrade.

The current plan is to migrate the blogs across one by one. This will change your post numbers, and so possibly change your permalinks.

There is one other option: The Big Bang Upgrade. Rather than transferring blogs to MT3 one at a time, just upgrade the entire MT2.6 installation. From what I've seen, this should basically work. Probably. I think.

Well, anyway, the way I (almost) have things now, I will be able to step back and everyone will be able to move their blogs themselves. Cut and paste, export and import, rebuild - ta da! All without direct Pixy intervention.

So what do people think? Would you rather take a little time and move yourselves to MT3 when you're ready? Or risk the Big Bang? (I'll note that there's no chance whatsoever of losing your blog either way; we have backups everywhere.)

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New Blog Carnival

The first New Blog Carnival Showcase Extravaganza No. 1 is up. Thanks to everybody who has helped spread the word and offered to host. Please check out the new blogs and keep checking for new Showcases each week.

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February 13, 2005

The Hunt is On

The Pixy Misa Token Of Gratitude eBay Quest has officially begun. There were several good suggestions from Ted, Jim and Victor and is seventeen pet rats.

Taking Victor's suggestion as a starting point, the first bid has been placed and I am currently the high bidder for a 1948 edition of Robert Heinlein's Beyond the Horizon.

Hardcover Book in ORIGINAL DUSTJACKET! A great collector's item from one of the greatest science fiction writers of all time! Heinlein was one of the most influential authors in the science fiction genre. He developed new themes, new techniques and approaches. He became the first science fiction writer to break into major general magazines in the late 1940s with true, undisguised science fiction, and the first bestselling novel-length science fiction in the 1960s. The major themes of his work were social: radical individualism, libertarianism, religion, the relationship between physical and emotional love, and speculation about unorthodox social and family relationships.
The jacket on this book has edge wear with rubbing and some foxing. The book is square with a tight binding with clean boards and pages.

Published by: Grosset And Dunlap, 1948.

I don't have a realistic level of hope for this one though. With a little more than two days remaining my high bid is $48.50. So there is no room in the $50 budget to go back if I get out bid. But there are more offerings in this category, as well as a lot of possibilities for Ted's suggestion of an anime cell. My only difficulty there is I would be a very uneducated shopper. I know next to nothing about anime and could wind up buy utter dreck for too much money.

UPDATE: 2 hours 37 minutes remaining and I still have the high bid. I expect to still have the high bid for about 2 hours 35 minutes.

UPDATE: 48 minutes to go. Still have the high bid.

UPDATE: 22 minutes to go. Still have the high bid.

UPDATE: 10 minutes to go. Still have the high bid. Almost starting to believe.

UPDATE: 5 minutes to go. Still have the high bid. If I'm going to lose it's going to happen soon.

UPDATE: 3 minutes 51 seconds. I have been outbid. As expected the bid is over the pre-established budget. A new item will be chosen and the Pixy Misa Token Of Gratitude eBay Quest will continue tomorrow.

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February 12, 2005

Ah, The Good Old Days

Sorry about that, kids. Massive trackback spam flood.

Trackbacks will be down for an hour or so while I clean up.

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February 11, 2005

Stop Banning Words!

OK, I get it if you want to ban drug names and spammers. I was seriously pissed off that the word "socialist" got banned, but ok-it's to do with a drug, I guess I can get it.

But I just tried to write the word "sex" in my comments and was told it was banned.

Seriously-can someone please take the word "sex" off of the MT Banned list? It's fucking pissing me off. I am so angry that others get to decide what can and cannot be allowed to be commented in other people's comments. I talk about sex in my own comments, and others can talk about sex in my comments too.


Please remove "sex" from the MT Banning list and please can we stop being so triggy happy with the banning? If not, I'm going to take my toys and get my own domain, this makes me so angry. I love Munu and I am very loyal, but I will NOT be censored, and I do NOT accept the censoring of other people on my site without even being consulted.

//Pissed off Helen

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February 10, 2005

Hey Hey Hey, It's not Fat Albert, ya know!

Hey, has anyone noticed that Blogo Slovo has less to offer than Beyond the Black Hole?* Just kidding. I read down a few posts. snark snark snark

Speaking of gifts, not sure that many of ya'll are aware that my former blog child and former Munuvian, Cherry, is getting married on the 18th of this month and, thanks to the generosity of Honest Jim, I have a whopping 25 smackeroos in my Pay Pal account which I figure could be useful for purchasing a fantastic wedding present. What color apron do you think she would prefer?

*I actually heard that due delusions of grandeur or his claims of being some omnipotent conqueror from deep space or something, Zongo has been confined to a mental health facility. According to information in the most current press release, he is responding very well to drug therapy and could, at some future point, be released to once again wreak havoc on lower life forms.

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Desperately Seeking Suggestions

All right people. The $50 in my PayPal account isn't exactly collecting interest, and I am starting to get impatient for the hunt. I know you are all putting a lot of thought into a possible gift for Pixy Misa. But just start putting some ideas out there. You never know who they might inspire.

Here some thought starters.

How about some good speakers to listen to all of that anime he downloads? Or some good headphones so he can watch at work?

A nice comfy quilt for those moments when instead of working or taking care of us he actually sleeps?

Can you buy a good single malt on eBay? Can you ship it overseas?

Some really good chocolate?

A vintage edition of “Operation”?

Remember, this is a two level project. On one level it's doing something nice for Pixy. On the other it's trying to score a great deal on eBay.

I need some better ideas.

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February 09, 2005

Help, PLease

I need to take down my blog, Blogo Slovo. Long story, involving job-hunting and needing to cover my tracks a bit better. Can someone help me?


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February 08, 2005


Wouldn't it make sense to use the MTInclude tag to create our MuNu blogrolls? That way all those links will be included in the Technorati rankings.

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Pixy - I'm still having trouble with email. Notifications don't seem to be coming through and I just sent out an email which got a "fail to send" type response from our server. Is this all related to the spam attack still?

By the way, Kung Hei Fat Choi...happy year of the rooster.

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February 07, 2005

Trackback Spam

I've gotten a couple of trackback spams and noticed that there aren't any email notices being sent. The main problem with that is that I don't know which post they pinged to, so I can't go in and delete the spam.

Any ideas on how to determine which post was targeted?

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February 04, 2005

Revised eBay Quest

If you haven't been to my site recently, you probably missed this. I have been asking for suggestions for what I should try to buy on eBay with an extra $50 I have sitting in my PayPal account. Well, I am changing the rules. My objective is no longer to buy myself some nice fun thing - and thanks to all who have offered suggestions - my plan now is to buy a present for Pixy Misa. So leave me a suggestion for what I should pursue in honor of the man who does so much for all of us. (and if you happen to know the address to ship it to, drop me an email)

The Pixy Misa Token Of Gratitude eBay Quest will begin 1 week from today.

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The spammers are back, and I've had to temporarily disable outgoing email. Email will be queued and will be sent out once I've fixed the problem.

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February 03, 2005

And Again

The denial-of-service attackers are back, and I've been forced to temporarily disable both trackbacks and comments. Normal service will resume shortly.

Update: Comments are back. It's just those idiot crapflooders again, and my MT Craplist patch is dealing with it. Trackbacks will be offline for a few more minutes.

Update: Trackbacks are back online, and another 200 IP addresses are on my shitlist.

Update: Susie can't ping me! Let me try... Ping!

Oops. Trying again... Fixed! :)

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February 02, 2005

New blog showcase

The Showcase is undergoing a change: it's going to become a weekly carnival (what's one more carnival, after all). The details are here. I will be hosting the first carnival on Feb. 14th. Then I'll be looking for weekly hosts to share the joy that are new blogs.

If you could please help spread the word about the new New Blog Showcase Carnival. I'm looking for both submissions and hosts.

Thanks in advance.

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February 01, 2005

Amnesia Lane

I was looking around at my blogs counter info, and I saw someone hit on my old blog, before I moved to Munuviana. Way back in 2003. Does that make me a pioneer of blogging?

Anways, it's always strange to read something you wrote a few years ago.

Take a look. It's pretty bad. But funny nonetheless.

It reminds me of when I was looking at CNET and was reading a story published back in 1996 about this new technology called DVDs, and more importantly DIVX, which was what Circuit City was trying to get as the standard.

It's amazing how technology and time flies.

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Another Ridiculous Haiku Contest

Everyone is invited to participate in the absurdity. There will be a mystery prize.

Posted by annika at 06:14 PM | Comments (1)

Patting myself on the back...


Rob liked this one so much he thought I should post it here. Feel free to link to it on your own blog, and maybe forward it to Brian Noggle (Heather's hubbie. I know he's been offered a place in Munuvia before; why he hasn't taken us up on it is beyond me.).

Posted by Victor at 01:22 PM | Comments (1)

This Is Getting Old

So I'm sitting here monitoring the server, and it screeches to a halt, just like that. And I take a look, and we have 179 incoming trackbacks. So I kill them all, and check again, and there are another 185 of the little bastards.

So trackbacks will be disabled for a few minutes while I get it sorted out.

Update: Looks like it's a new Denial of Service attack aimed specifically at MT. Working now to block it at the web server.

Update: Over 22,000 trackbacks in the past hour. Bloody hell.

Update: Blocked for now, I think.

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Email Changes

I've had to change some email settings on the server, because - well, because.

If you should stop getting email - comment notifications or whatever - let me know and I'll take another look.

Update: There's an security hole in Movable Type, all versions up to 3.14, that lets people send email through it if you have comment notification enabled. They've now released a patch for MT3 and a plugin for MT2 or MT3 to fix this (either one works).

I've applied the plugin to both installations, and will be patching MT3 tomorrow.

I'll also be upgrading MT2 from 2.64 to 2.661. Hopefully you won't notice anything, but just in case... (I'll make a backup first, of course.)

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