January 31, 2004

Wait A Minute

Just transferring some files to the new MuNu... At 1.4 megabytes per second.

I thought it was on a 10 megabit link... Apparently not.

No limits! No waiting! Another couple of days and we'll be set to go.

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January 30, 2004

A sad story

Read this letter:

Bush cost me my job, my kids and my houses

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to speak my mind. I lost my job this past year. When Clinton was president I was secure and prosperous, but in the last year, we had to close our operations. We simply could not compete with foreign labor. This foreign labor worked for low pay under very bad conditions.

They worked very long shifts, and many even died on the job.

This competition could hardly be called "fair." I was forced out of the place where I had worked for 34 years.

Not a single government program was there to help me.

How can Bush call himself "compassionate?" Far worse, I lost two of my sons in Bush's evil war in Iraq. They gave their lives for their country, and for what? So that Bush's oil buddies can get rich. My pain of losing my sons is indescribable.

While it is trivial next to the loss of my sons, I regret to say that I also lost my home. I simply have nothing left. How can Bush call himself a Christian when he neglects people like me? I am a senior citizen with various medical problems. I'm not in a position where I can begin a new career. I was reduced to the point where I had to live in a hole in a ground, all because of President Bush.

And when the authorities found me there, did they have any compassion for my misfortune and ailments? No, I was arrested. Mr. Bush, I dare you to look me in the face and tell me you are a compassionate man! I dare you to look me in the face and tell me you are a Christian. If I had any money left, I would donate it to the Democrat Party.

If Al Gore had been elected in 2000 I would still have a job, a home, and most importantly, my dear sons!


Saddam Hussein

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January 29, 2004

Trying Things Out

I moved my collection of anime video clips over to the new server. Advantages: More bandwidth available, and it keeps track of it for me.

You can download some if you feel like it. Though you may also need a codec pack to play them... I should put that up there too.

Question: Why the hell have all my cursor keys, page up, page down and so on suddenly stopped working but all the other keys work fine? This fancy cordless keyboard sucks.

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January 28, 2004

Why People Use Perl

I don't like Perl (the programming language that Movable Type is written in) very much, but there's a reason why so many people use it: There are lots and lots and lots of very useful software modules available for it.

CPanel allows you to list all the Perl modules you have installed on your server. So I did:

Installed Perl Modules

AnyDBM_File Apache::SOAP
Apache::XMLRPC::Lite Archive::Tar
Archive::Tar::Constant Archive::Tar::File
Archive::Zip Archive::Zip::BufferedFileHandle
Archive::Zip::MemberRead Archive::Zip::MockFileHandle
Attribute::Handlers attributes
attrs AutoLoader
AutoSplit autouse
B B::Asmdata
B::Assembler B::Bblock
B::Bytecode B::CC
B::Concise B::C::Section
B::Debug B::Deparse
B::Disassembler::BytecodeStream bigint
bignum blib
B::Lint B::Showlex
B::Stackobj B::Stash
B::Terse Bundle::DBD::mysql
Bundle::DBI Bundle::LWP
Bundle::Net::LDAP Bundle::PlRPC
Business::OnlinePayment Business::OnlinePayment::AuthorizeNet
Business::UPS B::Xref
ByteLoader bytes
Carp CGI::Cookie
CGI::Fast CGI::Push
CGI::Util Class::Struct
Compress::Zlib Config
constant Convert::ASN1
Convert::ASN1::parser Convert::BER
CPAN CPAN::Mirrored::By
Crypt::Blowfish Crypt::Blowfish_PP
Crypt::CBC Crypt::DES
Crypt::SSLeay Crypt::SSLeay::Conn
Crypt::SSLeay::CTX Crypt::SSLeay::Err
Crypt::SSLeay::MainContext Crypt::SSLeay::X509
Cwd Data::Dumper
Data::Grove Data::Grove::Parent
Data::Grove::Visitor Data::ShowTable
Date::Manip DBD::ExampleP
DBD::Multiplex DBD::mysql
DBD::mysql::GetInfo DBD::NullP
DBD::Proxy DBD::Sponge
DBI DBI::Const::GetInfo::ANSI
DBI::Const::GetInfo::ODBC DBI::Const::GetInfoReturn
DBI::Const::GetInfoType DBI::DBD
DBI::DBD::Metadata DBI::FAQ
DBI::Format DBI::Format::SQLMinus
DBI::Profile DBI::ProfileData
DBI::ProfileDumper DBI::ProfileDumper::Apache
DBI::ProxyServer DBI::Shell
DBI::Shell::Completion DBI::Shell::FindSqlFile
DBI::Shell::Spool DBI::Shell::SQLMinus
DBI::Shell::Timing Descriptions
Devel::DProf Devel::Peek
Devel::PPPort Devel::SelfStubber
Devel::Symdump Devel::Symdump::Export
diagnostics Digest
Digest::base Digest::HMAC
Digest::HMAC_MD5 Digest::HMAC_SHA1
Digest::MD5 Digest::SHA1
DirHandle Dumpvalue
DynaLoader Encode
Encode::Alias Encode::Byte
Encode::CJKConstants Encode::CN
Encode::CN::HZ Encode::Config
Encode::EBCDIC Encode::Encoder
Encode::Encoding Encode::Guess
Encode::JP Encode::JP::JIS7
Encode::KR Encode::KR::2022_KR
Encode::Symbol Encode::TW
Encode::Unicode Encode::Unicode::UTF7
encoding English
Errno Exporter::Heavy
ExtUtils::Command ExtUtils::Command::MM
ExtUtils::Embed ExtUtils::Install
ExtUtils::Installed ExtUtils::Liblist::Kid
ExtUtils::MakeMaker::vmsish ExtUtils::Manifest
ExtUtils::Miniperl ExtUtils::Mksymlists
ExtUtils::MM ExtUtils::MM_BeOS
ExtUtils::MM_Cygwin ExtUtils::MM_DOS
ExtUtils::MM_NW5 ExtUtils::MM_OS2
ExtUtils::MM_Unix ExtUtils::MM_VMS
ExtUtils::MM_Win95 ExtUtils::MY
ExtUtils::Packlist Fatal
Fcntl FileCache
File::CheckTree File::Compare
File::DosGlob File::Find
File::Glob File::Listing
File::Spec File::Spec::Cygwin
File::Spec::Epoc File::Spec::Mac
File::Spec::OS2 File::Spec::VMS
File::stat File::Temp
filetest Filter::cpp
Filter::sh FindBin
Foomatic::DB Foomatic::Defaults
Foomatic::PPD Foomatic::UIElem
GD::Graph GD::Graph3d
GD::Graph::area GD::Graph::axestype
GD::Graph::axestype3d GD::Graph::bars
GD::Graph::bars3d GD::Graph::colour
GD::Graph::cylinder GD::Graph::cylinder3d
GD::Graph::Data GD::Graph::Error
GD::Graph::hbars GD::Graph::lines
GD::Graph::lines3d GD::Graph::linespoints
GD::Graph::mixed GD::Graph::pie
GD::Graph::pie3d GD::Graph::points
GD::Graph::utils GD::Polyline
GD::Text GD::Text::Align
GD::Text::Wrap Getopt::Long
HTML::Clean HTML::Entities
HTML::FillInForm HTML::Filter
HTML::Form HTML::HeadParser
HTML::LinkExtor HTML::Parser
HTML::PullParser HTML::SimpleParse
HTML::Tagset HTML::TokeParser
HTTP::Cookies HTTP::Cookies::Microsoft
HTTP::Cookies::Netscape HTTP::Daemon
HTTP::Date HTTP::Headers
HTTP::Headers::Auth HTTP::Headers::ETag
HTTP::Headers::Util HTTP::Message
HTTP::Negotiate HTTP::Request
HTTP::Request::Common HTTP::Response
HTTP::Status I18N::Collate
I18N::Langinfo I18N::LangTags::List
if Image::Size
IO IO::AtomicFile
IO::Dir IO::File
IO::Handle IO::InnerFile
IO::Lines IO::Pipe
IO::Poll IO::Pty
IO::Scalar IO::ScalarArray
IO::Seekable IO::Select
IO::SessionData IO::SessionSet
IO::Socket IO::Socket::INET
IO::Socket::UNIX IO::Stringy
IO::Stty IO::Tee
IO::Tty IO::Tty::Constant
IO::Wrap IO::WrapTie
IPC::Msg IPC::Open3
IPC::Semaphore IPC::SysV
less lib
List::Util locale
Locale::Country Locale::Currency
Locale::Maketext Locale::Maketext::Guts
Locale::Script LWP
LWP::Authen::Basic LWP::Authen::Digest
LWP::Authen::Ntlm LWP::ConnCache
LWP::Debug LWP::DebugFile
LWP::MediaTypes LWP::MemberMixin
LWP::Protocol LWP::Protocol::cpan
LWP::Protocol::data LWP::Protocol::file
LWP::Protocol::ftp LWP::Protocol::GHTTP
LWP::Protocol::gopher LWP::Protocol::http
LWP::Protocol::http10 LWP::Protocol::https
LWP::Protocol::https10 LWP::Protocol::ldap
LWP::Protocol::mailto LWP::Protocol::nntp
LWP::Protocol::nogo LWP::RobotUA
LWP::Simple LWP::UserAgent
Mail::Address Mail::Cap
Mail::Field Mail::Field::AddrList
Mail::Field::Date Mail::Filter
Mail::Header Mail::Internet
Mail::Mailer Mail::Mailer::qmail
Mail::Mailer::rfc822 Mail::Mailer::sendmail
Mail::Mailer::smtp Mail::Mailer::testfile
Mail::Send Mail::SpamAssassin
Mail::SpamAssassin::ArchiveIterator Mail::SpamAssassin::AuditMessage
Mail::SpamAssassin::AutoWhitelist Mail::SpamAssassin::Bayes
Mail::SpamAssassin::BayesStore Mail::SpamAssassin::CmdLearn
Mail::SpamAssassin::Conf Mail::SpamAssassin::ConfSourceSQL
Mail::SpamAssassin::DBBasedAddrList Mail::SpamAssassin::Dns
Mail::SpamAssassin::EncappedMessage Mail::SpamAssassin::EncappedMIME
Mail::SpamAssassin::EvalTests Mail::SpamAssassin::HTML
Mail::SpamAssassin::Locales Mail::SpamAssassin::Locker
Mail::SpamAssassin::MailingList Mail::SpamAssassin::Message
Mail::SpamAssassin::NetSet Mail::SpamAssassin::NoMailAudit
Mail::SpamAssassin::PerMsgLearner Mail::SpamAssassin::PerMsgStatus
Mail::SpamAssassin::PersistentAddrList Mail::SpamAssassin::Received
Mail::SpamAssassin::Replier Mail::SpamAssassin::Reporter
Mail::SpamAssassin::SHA1 Mail::SpamAssassin::TextCat
Mail::SpamAssassin::UnixLocker Mail::SpamAssassin::Util
Mail::SpamAssassin::Win32Locker Mail::Util
Math::BigFloat Math::BigFloat::Trace
Math::BigInt::Scalar Math::BigInt::Trace
Math::BigRat Math::Complex
MD5 Memoize::AnyDBM_File
Memoize::ExpireFile Memoize::ExpireTest
Memoize::Storable MIME::Base64
MIME::Body MIME::Decoder
MIME::Decoder::Base64 MIME::Decoder::Binary
MIME::Decoder::Gzip64 MIME::Decoder::NBit
MIME::Decoder::QuotedPrint MIME::Decoder::UU
MIME::Entity MIME::Field::ContDisp
MIME::Field::ConTraEnc MIME::Field::ContType
MIME::Field::ParamVal MIME::Head
MIME::Lite MIME::Parser
MIME::Parser::Filer MIME::Parser::Reader
MIME::Parser::Results MIME::QuotedPrint
MIME::Tools MIME::WordDecoder
MIME::Words MLDBM::Serializer
MLDBM::Serializer::Data::Dumper MLDBM::Serializer::FreezeThaw
MLDBM::Serializer::Storable MLDBM::Sync
MLDBM::Sync::SDBM_File MyClass
Mysql Mysql::Statement
Net::AIM Net::AIM::Connection
Net::AIM::Event Net::Cmd
Net::Daemon Net::Daemon::Log
Net::Daemon::Test Net::DNS
Net::DNS::Header Net::DNS::Nameserver
Net::DNS::Packet Net::DNS::Question
Net::DNS::Resolver Net::DNS::Resolver::Base
Net::DNS::Resolver::Cygwin Net::DNS::Resolver::Recurse
Net::DNS::Resolver::UNIX Net::DNS::Resolver::Win32
Net::DNS::RR Net::DNS::RR::A
Net::DNS::RR::LOC Net::DNS::RR::MB
Net::DNS::RR::MR Net::DNS::RR::MX
Net::DNS::RR::PTR Net::DNS::RR::PX
Net::DNS::RR::RP Net::DNS::RR::RT
Net::DNS::RR::TXT Net::DNS::RR::Unknown
Net::DNS::RR::X25 Net::DNS::Select
Net::DNS::Update Net::Domain
Net::FTP Net::FTP::A
Net::FTP::dataconn Net::FTP::I
Net::FTP::L Net::HTTP
Net::HTTP::Methods Net::HTTP::NB
Net::LDAP::ASN Net::LDAP::Bind
Net::LDAP::Constant Net::LDAP::Control
Net::LDAP::Control::Paged Net::LDAP::Control::ProxyAuth
Net::LDAP::Control::Sort Net::LDAP::Control::SortResult
Net::LDAP::Control::VLV Net::LDAP::Control::VLVResponse
Net::LDAP::DSML Net::LDAP::Entry
Net::LDAP::Extension Net::LDAP::Extension::SetPassword
Net::LDAP::Extra Net::LDAP::Filter
Net::LDAP::Message Net::LDAP::RootDSE
Net::LDAPS Net::LDAP::Schema
Net::LDAP::Search Net::LDAP::Util
Net::netent Net::NNTP
Net::POP3 Net::protoent
Net::SMTP Net::SSL
Net::SSLeay Net::SSLeay::Handle
Net::Telnet Net::Time
OLE::Storage_Lite::PPS Opcode
ops overload
Parse::RecDescent Parse::Yapp
Parse::Yapp::Driver Parse::Yapp::Grammar
Parse::Yapp::Lalr Parse::Yapp::Options
Parse::Yapp::Output Parse::Yapp::Parse
PerlIO PerlIO::encoding
PerlIO::scalar PerlIO::via
Persistent::Base Persistent::DataType::Base
Persistent::DataType::Char Persistent::DataType::DateTime
Persistent::DataType::Number Persistent::DataType::String
Persistent::DataType::VarChar Persistent::DBI
Persistent::DBM Persistent::File
Persistent::Memory Pod::Checker
Pod::Functions Pod::Html
Pod::InputObjects Pod::LaTeX
Pod::Man Pod::Parser
Pod::Perldoc::GetOptsOO Pod::Perldoc::ToChecker
Pod::Perldoc::ToMan Pod::Perldoc::ToPod
Pod::Perldoc::ToRtf Pod::Perldoc::ToTk
Pod::Perldoc::ToXml Pod::Plainer
Pod::PlainText Pod::Select
Pod::Text::Color Pod::Text::Termcap
Pod::Usage POSIX
re readline
RPC::PlClient RPC::PlServer
RPC::PlServer::Comm RPC::PlServer::Test
Safe Safe::Hole
SDBM_File Search::Dict
SelectSaver Shell
SOAP::Lite SOAP::Test
SOAP::Transport::FTP SOAP::Transport::HTTP
SOAP::Transport::IO SOAP::Transport::JABBER
SOAP::Transport::LOCAL SOAP::Transport::MAILTO
SOAP::Transport::MQ SOAP::Transport::POP3
SOAP::Transport::TCP Socket
sort Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Dump
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::FmtDefault Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::FmtJapan
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::FmtJapan2 Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::FmtUnicode
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::SaveParser::Workbook Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Utility
Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::Workbook Spreadsheet::WriteExcel
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::BIFFwriter Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Big
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Format Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Formula
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::OLEwriter Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Utility
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Workbook Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::WorkbookBig
Spreadsheet::WriteExcel::Worksheet SQL::Eval
SQL::Statement SQL::Statement::Hash
Storable strict
Symbol Sys::Hostname
Sys::Syslog Term::ANSIColor
Term::Complete Term::ReadKey
Term::ReadLine::Perl Term::ReadLine::Stub
Test Test::Harness
Test::Harness::Assert Test::Harness::Iterator
Test::More Text::Abbrev
Text::CSV_XS Text::ParseWords
Text::Reform Text::Soundex
Text::Tabs Thread
Thread::Queue threads
Thread::Semaphore threads::shared
Tie::Array Tie::File
Tie::Hash Tie::IxHash
Tie::Memoize Tie::Scalar
Tie::ShadowHash Tie::Watch
Time::gmtime Time::HiRes
Time::localtime Time::tm
Tree::MultiNode UDDI::Lite
Unicode::Normalize Unicode::UCD
URI URI::data
URI::Escape URI::file
URI::file::Base URI::file::FAT
URI::file::Mac URI::file::OS2
URI::file::QNX URI::file::Unix
URI::file::Win32 URI::_foreign
URI::ftp URI::_generic
URI::gopher URI::Heuristic
URI::http URI::https
URI::ldap URI::_ldap
URI::ldapi URI::ldaps
URI::_login URI::mailto
URI::mms URI::news
URI::nntp URI::pop
URI::_query URI::QueryParam
URI::rlogin URI::rsync
URI::rtsp URI::rtspu
URI::_segment URI::_server
URI::sip URI::sips
URI::snews URI::Split
URI::ssh URI::telnet
URI::tn3270 URI::URL
URI::urn URI::urn::isbn
URI::urn::oid URI::_userpass
URI::WithBase User::grent
utf8 vars
vmsish WWW::RobotRules
WWW::RobotRules::AnyDBM_File XML::Checker::Parser
XML::Checker::Term XML::DOM
XML::DOM::DOMException XML::DOM::NamedNodeMap
XML::DOM::NodeList XML::DOM::PerlSAX
XML::DOM::ValParser XML::Dumper
XML::Encoding XML::ESISParser
XML::Filter::DetectWS XML::Filter::Reindent
XML::Filter::SAXT XML::Handler::BuildDOM
XML::Handler::CanonXMLWriter XML::Handler::Composer
XML::Handler::PrintEvents XML::Handler::Sample
XML::Handler::Subs XML::Handler::XMLWriter
XML::Parser XML::Parser::Expat
XML::Parser::Lite XML::Parser::PerlSAX
XML::Parser::Style::Debug XML::Parser::Style::Objects
XML::Parser::Style::Stream XML::Parser::Style::Subs
XML::Parser::Style::Tree XML::PatAct::ACTION
XML::PatAct::Amsterdam XML::PatAct::MatchName
XML::PatAct::PATTERN XML::PatAct::ToObjects
XML::Perl2SAX XML::RegExp
XMLRPC::Transport::HTTP XMLRPC::Transport::POP3
XMLRPC::Transport::TCP XML::SAX2Perl
XML::UM::SlowMapper XML::XQL
XML::XQL::Date XML::XQL::Debug
XML::XQL::Parser XML::XQL::Strict
XSLoader XS::Typemap

(This is not, by the way, purely an exercise in pushing those screenshots far enough down the page that they no longer interfere with the sidebar. Not at all.)
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Doodle Doodle Dee

Below you will find some screenshots of some of the neat toys available on the new server.

I'm still fiddling and tweaking and peeking and poking, but I should be ready to move things across sometime next week.

Of course, all of the MuNu blogs have to move at the same time because they're sharing the same database and stuff, so I have to make sure that it's all completely happy happy before I do that.

In the meantime, you can idly click on the little icons and menus and get annoyed when they don't do anything and you realise that it's just a GIF.

There's a lot more the the web stats page, by the way; it scrolls and scrolls and scrolls, and then there are the menus. No more relying on Sitemeter to tell you everything!


Fantastico lets you install various cool software thingies... I'll ask people to not go too totally berserk when they get this.

I might be installing a new theme for CPanel (the first picture) which will make it look more like Fantastico. We'll see how that goes.

Oh, and everyone will have email, accessible by POP or IMAP or a choice of three different webmail packages. Yay!

Oh, and I might be converting Movable Type from Berkeley DB to PostgreSQL when we move, but I'll run some tests first. It should make it a bit faster, and will make the backups easier.

Now, any questions?

Oh yes, me, I have a question!

How much disk space and bandwidth do people need?

Um, you probably don't know, do you? Never mind, we'll work it out. Once we get to the new server, you'll actually be able to see things like that!

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Update For Simon

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January 27, 2004

What the heck

Make fun of one liberal, and they get pissed, and like to dissect your supposed to be tounge in cheeck blog entry with rambling comments.

Take a look

It makes no sense, I don't even know where to begin. Here is an excerpt:

The funny thing is, you can only find ONE stupid liberal every week and we can find ten stpuid conservatives on a weekly basis at DemocraticUnderground. Time for you to step it up a bit. OH, and we find the Big Name conservitives being stupid...you can only find bloggers.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll go back to drinking latte, throwing shit and loving my freedom to do so, while laughing at people who don't realize the rest of their movement thinks they are worker drones good for being consumers, debt carriers and shoppers at the compnay store. We'll be over here EVOLVING.

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Too Effective Spam Filter?

I think our spam filter is a little too protective. I have had a few mails of people who wanted to comment, but were told that they suck (our spam filter). And these are legit readers who won't leave spam.

Any way to lessen the rabid-dog protectiveness of our spam filter? Or what is it that the filter looks out for, so I can warn the good people?

Posted by Everydaystranger at 04:13 PM | Comments (5)


Man there's a lot of work involved getting this server set up.


The current server had already been running for several months before I started adding people to it, so I'd kind of forgotted.

But it will be so worth it once it's done. Much more manageable and configurable and faster and workinger.

Zoom zoom!

Hey, I wonder who I'm logged in as right now...

Hey, there's no ant on this server, dammit! I'll have to build PostgreSQL without Java support for now.

Update: Well, PostgreSQL is happy now. Eximstats needed a bit of beating about the head, but that's sorted out too. Next up, MRTG.

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Ok, folks--help me out here. I got two emails "returned" to me that

#1 I never sent
#2 were returned because they had an email worm.

To wit:

A virus (WORM_MIMAIL.R) was detected in the file (data.zip/data.doc
.exe). Action taken = remove

The message cannot be represented in 7-bit ASCII encoding and has been sent as a
binary attachment.

The file (file.zip/file.doc
.pif) was infected with the WORM_MIMAIL.R computer virus. The following action
has been taken: remove.

The message contains Unicode characters and has been sent as a binary

The attachment (file.zip) was infected with a virus and has been deleted.

Anybody know a "adam@ergon.com.au" or "bob@hpcl.co.in"? 'Cuz I sure don't...

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January 26, 2004

Tim? Where's Tim?

Tim seems to have pulled a Collins. Shall we start calling the local gaols?

Or is it "jail" in Canuckland? Damn! Why can't everyone speak American?

Posted by Victor at 05:58 PM | Comments (18)

January 25, 2004

New New Mu Nu

The new uncursed MuNu server is ready - or so the little tech support birdy told me.

As soon as Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch has stopped clogging up my bandwidth, I'll be logging in and having a little play around.

Update: I notice that the new new server has 80GB disks instead of the 60GB disks I actually paid for. Should I mention that? Since it would cost them more in time to swap them out than the disks are worth, I doubt they'd care much at this point.

Update: It's alive! Watch for updates.

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Ban this IP

This nuckfut just dared to put porn spam in MuNu comments! Sound the alarums! Cry havoc, and let slip the dogs of war!

It's one of those increasingly irritating jobs where they put in the name of a classic writer or whatever, use a quote as the body of the comment (which of course has nothing to do with the content of the post) and the url is for a porn site. I've already deleted the comment.

Posted by Jim at 01:12 PM | Comments (6)

The Problem With That

The problem with having your granddaughter post articles from a hundred years in the future is that they will forever be at the top of your main index.

I'll have to tweak things a bit, I think. Come Tuesday.

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January 24, 2004

In case no one has noticed yet...

...USURP (United Society of Unusually Responsible People) seems to be up and ready for contributions from the URPs!

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The Mu.nu Oath of Allegiance

Just for fun:

I hereby declare, on oath, that I absolutely and entirely renounce and abjure all allegiance and fidelity to any foreign blog server at which I have heretofore been a blogger;

that I will support and defend the cow puppies against all enemies, foreign and domestic;

that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;

that I will bear arms, legs and boobs on behalf of Munuvia if and whenever I feel like it;

that I will perform combatant service in the Special Forces of Munuvia when required by the appearance of spammers;

that I will perform work of rational importance under civilian direction when required by the appearance of trolls;

and that I pledge this allegiance freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of avoision; so help me Blog.

I'll keep working on it. Shall we have a ceremony? :D

Posted by Tuning Spork at 09:35 PM | Comments (6)

New Mu Nu Are Poo

The techies have given up on the new Mu Nu server. Having updated and patched the kernel, changed the filesysem, tested with and without software RAID, swapped out one of the disk drives and replaced the memory, we have come to the conclusion that the server is cursed.

They are now assembling a new (non-cursed) server. If anyone would care to sacrifice a chicken, it might not go amiss.

Update: The new machine is built and the techies are curently running some tests. Hope that pork chop did the trick, Susie!

Posted by Trixie Misa at 06:05 AM | Comments (3)

Munuvian Citizenship

I have officially given up my dual blog citizenship. The BlogSpot archives have been moved and headlines, links, and comments updated. All that is left at the original url is a one line post pointing to the mu.nu site.

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January 22, 2004

Howard Dean Song

I wrote a brief song about Howard Dean, and you can hear it here. I just re-saved it as MP3. Have fun.

Posted by Tom Jefferson at 04:19 PM | Comments (1)

I think I can, I think I can...

I'm chugging along towards 100,000 hits and am having a little contest to see who can guess when I'll get there.

Come one, come all. Your first shot is free! Every player a guaranteed winner!

Well, okay. You only get one shot. And most of the players are guaranteed to lose. But it is free! And let's face it - that's all that really matters, isn't it?

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January 21, 2004

IP Addresses

I just removed a seriously nasty comment from my site and-for the first time ever-banned an IP address. But is there a site I can check with his IP address to find out where he comes from? A real tosser, this guy.

Posted by Everydaystranger at 07:56 PM | Comments (3)

Little Clicky Buttons Again

Just for Susie.

Thanks to Rob.

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January 20, 2004

Consent of the Governed

I've posted something finally to Consent of the Governed.

Posted by Tom Jefferson at 02:17 PM | Comments (2)

Nice place for template

If you are lazy, like me, this site has some nice templates you can use and customize for yourself. It's called Moveable Style.

Posted by Tom Jefferson at 02:00 PM | Comments (1)

It's a Popularity Contest, After All

Also, which of the mu.nu blogs are the most popular (in terms of visits)?

And is there a better measuring device than Site Meter?

Posted by Everydaystranger at 08:45 AM | Comments (5)

Linky Love

Technorati, while being a fine web device, seems to be missing links that I know are out there. Is there another web site that can tell me who has linked to me?

Posted by Everydaystranger at 08:43 AM | Comments (1)

Dum de Dum

Nothing to see, move along. (Whistles innocently.)

Posted by Pixy Misa at 05:04 AM | Comments (3)

January 18, 2004

Ambient Penumbra and Other Strangeness

Practical Irony
Snooze Button Cheese
Jennifer Riffic

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I am under attack by the comment spam robots. I need reinforcements. Tiger blog.

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January 16, 2004

Smile Again!

Add this to your appropriate template(s) to enable smilies:

<MTMacroDefine name="happy" string=":)">
<img src="http://www.mu.nu/Forums/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif" alt=":)">
<MTMacroDefine name="sad" string=":(">
<img src="http://www.mu.nu/Forums/images/smiles/icon_sad.gif" alt=":(">
<MTMacroDefine name="happy2" string=":-)">
<img src="http://www.mu.nu/Forums/images/smiles/icon_smile.gif" alt=":-)">
<MTMacroDefine name="grin" string=":D">
<img src="http://www.mu.nu/Forums/images/smiles/icon_biggrin.gif" alt=":D">
<MTMacroDefine name="razz1" string=":p">
<img src="http://www.mu.nu/Forums/images/smiles/icon_razz.gif" alt=":p">
<MTMacroDefine name="razz2" string=":-p">
<img src="http://www.mu.nu/Forums/images/smiles/icon_razz.gif" alt=":-p">
<MTMacroDefine name="razz3" string=":P">
<img src="http://www.mu.nu/Forums/images/smiles/icon_razz.gif" alt=":P">
<MTMacroDefine name="razz4" string=":-P">
<img src="http://www.mu.nu/Forums/images/smiles/icon_razz.gif" alt=":-P">
<MTMacroDefine name="wink" string=";)">
<img src="http://www.mu.nu/Forums/images/smiles/icon_wink.gif" alt=";)">
If you don't like those smilies, there are some more to be found here.

Also, if anyone wants to set up a nice proper regexp set of smilie macros, feel free to post it here.

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Minx idea

In a later iteration of Minx, how about an add-on or integrated RRS aggregator? (is that what it's called?) Might be a worthwhile followup project.

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How about a Mu'd (Mood) Ring?

How about a code snippet, or some such to make a webring from the MuNu domains? You know what I'm talking about - with the /previous/random/next/ links?

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January 14, 2004

Little Clicky Buttons

There's a demo of the Minx editor widget thingy up on the Minx development blog here.

Let me know what you think.

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January 13, 2004


I've loaded Steven Downe's referrer system onto Mu.nu.

To use it, simply cut and paste this into your template:

<script language="Javascript" src="http://blog.mu.nu/referrers.js"></script>
I did it like this:
<div class="sidetitle">

<div class="side">
<script language="Javascript" src="http://blog.mu.nu/referrers.js"></script>

so that it shows up nicely in my sidebar.

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Worried about .Nu

Umm - Pixy? What's this that I read over at Slashdot?

"The world's first free national wireless grid is no longer with us, after waves from Cyclone Heta swept over Niue's thirty metre cliffs, destroying everything. Although only one person died, the damage is so bad that there is talk of winding up the country , meaning their fortuitous ccTLD could go the way of .su. Perhaps the easiest way for Slashdotters to help Niue would be to choose a .nu domain over the dull alternatives."

Just curious. I kind of like our TLD...

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New MuNu WooHoo!

I've got the new server, configured just the way I wanted.

Happy happy!

Just waiting for Fantastico to be installed, then I can start loading stuff up.

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Technical help please

How do I make it so that when the pointer is over an image, instead of showing something like "Image1.jpg" it shows what I want? Like A Small Victory used to have with the little dead girl.

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January 12, 2004


My friend Carolann drew this. I haven't fudged with it any, so this is the original as it is on paper. View image

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All New Mu Nu

Mu Nu is getting a new home!

The new server is an Athlon XP 2500+ (nearly twice as fast as our existing Celeron). It has a gigabyte of memory (twice as much as the existing box), 240 gigabytes of disk (four times as much) and 500 gigabytes of bandwidth per month (five times as much).

Also, it has Fedora Linux, CPanel, and Fantastico, so lots of cool new toys for you to play with.

I should be getting the keys within 48 hours, after which it will take a week or two to get everything set up over there (depending on how busy I am with other stuff).

Company: Yay!

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January 11, 2004

Too Funny - A New Smiley

I haven't posted one of these in a while, but this one is just too funny to pass up...


(the URL is http://munuviana.mu.nu/sex.gif)

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January 10, 2004

Testing Minx

Just as a note:

Over the next two or three weeks I will be taking copies of all the MuNu blogs and pushing them into Minx (which is running on an entirely different server) just to see what breaks. This shouldn't affect anyone in any way, but I thought I should mention it.

I've grabbed Practical Penumbra, Jennifer's History and Stuff and Munuviana so far, and they're giving Minx a good workout.

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Literary Spam

Damn. I was busy entering this entry and my computer crashed. This time it was apparently a problem with the video drivers rather than my carnivorous mousie.

Anyway, we've just been hit by a stream of literary spam:

The world is a beautiful book for those who can read it.

Posted by: Campbell Jamie at January 10, 2004 05:06 AM

An ad for weight loss pills.
Truth is a kind and gentle lie.

Posted by: Miles Eli at January 10, 2004 05:04 AM

Another one.
The superior man loves his soul, the inferior man loves his property.

Posted by: Walker David at January 10, 2004 05:04 AM

Discount drugs.
People who do not think far enough ahead inevitably have worries near at hand.

Posted by: Camuto Andera Camuto at January 10, 2004 05:04 AM

Porn site.
There are as many translators as there are humans.

Posted by: Townsend Maya at January 10, 2004 04:32 AM

Quit smoking schemes.
I can't understand why a person will take a year to write a novel when he can easily buy one for a few dollars.

Posted by: schlanger karen at January 10, 2004 04:14 AM

Penis enlargement pills.

Anyway, I've added them all to the Blacklist and de-spammed everyone. My good deed for the day.

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MuNuviana Skin

Well, I finally have my skinning technology worked out and am ready to start working on the skinning of the MuNuviana group site.

There's still on small little glitch that I'm working on, though. It seems that the new skins inherit some of the properties from the previous skin. These properties are mostly the borders, padding, and margins. If they are not explicitly declared in the new skin, they are not changed and show up in the current skin. I've found a work-around by just zeroing them out at the top of the div class code that is affected.

Now, the only other thing that needs to be corrected is a small strip of background color that gets left behind. If you refresh the screen or scroll down the page, the strip goes away. I'm still looking at that and working on a fix. If anyone has experienced the same thing, let me know how you overcame it.

When you select a particular skin, the javascript will set a cookie. When you return to this site, it will remember your skin preference and use that setting to display the content. I have it up at the MadLab if you want to check it out and see how it works.

If anyone wants me to use their stylesheet to skin this site, please e-mail it to me in .doc file format at MadfishWillie@hotmail.com and I'll include it in the list. Personally, I think it would be neat if everyone sent a skin, but that's your decision.

Pixy, in order to do this, I'll need access to the index file and to be able to upload the javascript and the skin stylesheets to a directory I'll call /styles off the current path. I have to make two changes in the head section: 1) declare the path to the skin's stylesheet and 2) install the script filepointer. Then, I need to insert a sidebar section with the code and links for selecting the desired skin. Also, if I get a lot of skins, maybe I should put them in a dropdown box instead of a list. Give me some feedback on how you want to implement the selection process.

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January 09, 2004


All I can figure is it's one of those "earn millions without ever leaving your home" schemes...I've been noticing that the latest trend in comment spam is for sombody to use a real-sounding name and a real-sounding comment, but the url they leave is some commercial site. I've been adding the urls to our blacklist, but that still leaves the comments in blogs other than mine own...

Stoopid Google....

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January 08, 2004


I know that usually this particular blog is a clearing house for various Munvianans bits and pieces like welcoming newcomers, helping on templates and the like. And I know everyone gets asked from time to time where does the .mu.nu bit come from? And I even know that the .nu bit comes from a little island called Niue, which sold their rights to the domain to a company called NuNames. It meant a tiny island in the Pacific found a way to supplement their incomes a little.

Little Niue got smashed yesterday by a massive cyclone. You can read about it here. Now I don't often preach or anything, but given the connection between Munu and this little island, I'd like to suggest some kind of Munuvian effort to help our cousins on this island. There doesn't seem to be any appeals setup yet, but the Australia Red Cross has some information and the NZ Red Cross are setting something up.

Just letting y'all know.

UPDATE: Pixy found the link for the donations to NZ Red Cross for this.

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January 07, 2004

"Please Allow Me

to introduce myself.

I'm a man of wealth and taste."

O.K. so taste is purely subjective and the only wealth I possess is a wealth of opinion and imagination.

My name is Stephen Macklin and I write a blog called Hold The Mayo currently residing @ Blogspot. At the invitation of Rocket Jones, my blog will be moving to mu.nu.

In the process of making the decision to become a Munuvian, I visited most if not all of your sites. If I left a comment it was probably using StMack It was the quality of most of what I saw and read that sealed the deal. I hope my blog will measure up.

It will probably take me some time to get the mu.nu site set up to my satisfaction. I understand design well - which is good since that's how I feed my family and pay the mortgage. But 99.9% of my design work is stuff that gets printed on paper, so tweaking the template will require some trial and much error.

In the mean time I will continue to post to the blogspot site and I invite you all to stop by.

UPDATE: Tweaking the template went better than expected. I have stopped posting new stuff to the blogspot site.

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Look what I found

Pixy's busy with Minx. It all sounds impressive to me. Anyways, so there I am, gazing at the latest MuNu entries, and, well, look what I found. Methinks Pixy's been busier than we thought.

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January 06, 2004


Ambient Irony has been somewhat self-absorbed of late, not doing much linking or commentry on other blogs, not even my fellow Munuvians. But Steven Den Beste's latest (or second latest) post got me thinking, and now I've got a Clueless-a-lanche!

Yay! Look, ma, readers! Well, Sitemeter hits, anyway.

Update: How's this for a comment:

To quote my good friend and political idol, Darth Vader:


Posted by Bill Whittle at January 7, 2004 03:19 PM

Yes, that Bill Whittle. Um, he of the empty blog...

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I've started up a Minx support weblog at minx.mu.nu. Soon it will even have content! And some day, there will be a Minx to support!

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Blogspot Archives

No, really!

CD and Simon are done. Who's next?

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January 04, 2004

Java Problems

OK, I still can't upload things from this pc, nor can I rebuild my site or get comments sections on non-Mu.Nu blogs nor my Guest Map working.

It would appear that I have a Java problem on my "re-loved" laptop that I bought.

Any suggestions on how to fix this? It's driving me crazy.

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January 01, 2004

Uploading Problems

Is anyone having problems uploading files? When I click on the "upload file" tab on the moveable type menu, it does not work. All the other buttons work.

The blog world will be deprived of my cute new haircut unless I can get this working.

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