July 31, 2005

Memory of a Sieve

Apiarist wants to know how I got my blog to do that pop-up comment thingie.

Because I do most of blog tweaking while drinking beer (or cleaning up beer-related messes) I don't really remember how I did that.

So, how'd I do that? I'm certainly not so savvy as to have coded it myself. Wasn't there a "Useful Thingy" link about that somewhere or was this something I squirreled away from the MT forums?

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July 26, 2005

Arrrgh....Then: "I hate Firefox! I love IE!"

Now... "I HEART FIREFOX! I hate IE!"

Okay peeps, so my template was working sofunkyfine in both FF and IE...and now for some reason...in IE, the RIGHT column will shift ever so slight left.

Before the page loads in its entirety in IE, everything will be cool and aligned properly, but by the time it finisheds loading, THEN the right side bar will eek a bit to the left. What the heck? At this present time where I am I don't have Opera loaded on this machine to check it in that browser, but in Firefox, things are sweet as always.

Can someone lend me a hand to see if mighta accidentally goofed up something while I was moving stuff around recently?

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Spam filter gone insane [ignore]

I tried to post the letter "t". It was rejected.

"Your comment could not be submitted due to questionable content: m"


Update: Never mind, I fixed it.

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Template Redesign

I'm trying to modify my template so that there are three columns instead of two and I'm getting nowhere fast.

I have read the MuNuby Help 3-Column Stylesheet entry but that just gets me nowhere as a different speed.


Okay, I've gotten the basic three column format up and running, but there's a glitch that I cannot quickly fix.

Everytime that I attempt to post something (the notice for people to be patient while I tweek the templates), I get the following message:

Building entry 'Template Tweeking' failed: Build error in template 'Individual Entry Archive': Error in tag: Can't find included template module 'Remember Me'
I've tried replacing the Individual Entry Archieve template with a default one from MT, but it's still a NO GO.

Advice anyone??

Bueller? Bueller....?

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July 23, 2005

Blog*Spot Shenanigans

How many us are Blog*Spot refugees? A lot, I bet. Well, you might want to know that some slimy type folks are finding old Blog*Spot URL's that you and I have shut down and re-opening them to sell stuff. For example, my old blog was Eric's Random Musings, before JohnL of Texas Best Grok so graciously sponsored me into MuNuvia. Anyhow, now that I'm here, I discovered, after reading this post on The Mudville Gazette, that some weasel was using my old URL to sell ringtones to people.

If you recently moved from Blog*Spot and haven't yet shut down your blog there, I recommend you don't, so someone doesn't hijack your good name.

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July 22, 2005

Open Source Amendment Petition - Available Online

The Open Source Amendment Project petition is now available online. Tell Everyone.


After days on not getting any response from ipetitions about why when they were actually online the petition was not, I have moved to a new host. If you have put a link to the old site, the new address is http://www.petitiononline.com/Property/petition.html.

Also, before ipetitions melted down, there were two people who managed to sign. I am sorry to say that those names are lost, and you will have to re-sign at the new site.

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Template Help Needed

I am trying to add an "ABOUT" section to my blog. I am adding it to the template but
when I save, rebuild, and got to the site, the text is running into the body of my posts and getting cut off. I have tried just writing the script out, and I have tried doing it in columns, but either way, it runs off the page. I am new to this, and don't know what I am doing wrong. Any help is much appreciated! I can be e-mailed at mapstone@sbcglobal.net Also, how do I write a linkable e-mail tag? Thanks, all!

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July 20, 2005

Deleting Images

I have a few images from old posts that I'd like to pull off the server. I know how to upload, but I realized that once they are on there I have no idea how to delete them. Help!

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Deferred Pinging

Hey Pixy, since you're sitting around with nothing to do ;) -- It's not like you're moving or using dialup or anything, right? Oh...uh...

Well, if you get a chance, I just noticed something about the deferred posts, and it might not be possible to fix, but it would be neat -- it seems that when a deferred post gets posted (which works great, by the way), it does not ping. If I re-save the post, the pings will happen, but not when it's posted.

Is this by design? Has it been addressed and I can't find it on the site?

Again, it's no biggie, just a "neat thing" if it could work as *I* want it to... :)

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July 19, 2005

Open Source Amendment Petition

UPDATE: iPetitions was online briefly this morning but the amendment petition was not available. As of 2:00 EDT they are offline again. When I have the chance, I am going to find a new home for the petition. Possibly tonight but more likely on the weekend.

UPDATE: iPetitions seems to be online again (8:32 EDT) but the amendment petition still defaults to the under construction page. I sent them another email begging for a solution. Calling them seems pointless as their voicemail tells you to expect a quicker response to email. I'm willing to wait until noon tomorrow before pulling the plug and going to another site. There are several others available, but they are not as nice looking and some are bit over burdened with advertising.

Stay Tuned.

The Open Source Amendment Project petition is now available online. Tell Everyone.


UPDATE: The petition seems to be unavailable at the moment. I am working to get this resolved.

UPDATE: 6:50 EDT and the petition is still not available. I don't have a clue as to why since iPetition hasn't responded yet. It was working long enough last night to get two signatures! Counting the 11 who's names are on the front of the petition, that makes 13!

UPDATE: July 20. 8:50 EDT Not only is the petition not available, it seems the entire ipetitions site is down. Hopefully when they get back up - the petition will come along for the ride.

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July 18, 2005

Firefox Icon?

Does anyone know how to include the tag in the address line that you see in Firefox? Like Google has that stupid G, etc? I'd like one for my site.


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July 17, 2005

Now Blogging From An All-New Undisclosed Location

The move was a mitigated disaster (the movers did a very good job, but I wasn't ready in time), but at least it happened, and I am now up and running - ish - from Pixy Central Mk II.

I'll be busy for the next few days (now I have to go back to the old place to clean it...) but after that it's all MuNu all the time, excepting short breaks for my day job and sleep.

P.S. I'm still on dialup. Dialup, Pixy says, is slow, really slow. You won't believe how vastly, hugely, mindboggling slow it is. You may think it's slow when you've gone over your monthly download limit, but that's just peanuts to dialup.

P.P.S. Multi-purpose appliances are great until they break. If you have, just by way of an example, a combined washer/dryer, it's really good because you can put dirty clothes in, turn it on, and come back later to find them clean and dry. But if it breaks down, you end up hand-washing everything and then hanging it up to dry in the bathroom.

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Begging For Attention

I have been trying to get lost of attention for the Open Source Amendment Project. And while it has grown in participation it is not quite where I want it or where it needs to be.

So I decided to add Technorati Tags to the posts to get them some more exposure. Everything is configured the way it is supposed to be in Ecto. Ecti inserts the tags into the post just like I told it to. The tags link to the right pages. MY POSTS DON'T SHOW UP.

I even went here and did a manual ping. MY POSTS DON'T SHOW UP.

I also joined a TTLB Community, Life, Liberty, Property. I don't know if it is related to above problem, but MY POSTS DON'T SHOW UP.

I'm just trying to change the world a little. Why wont they listen?

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July 16, 2005

Right margin links and stuff

On my new blog, why aren't all the links, calendar, search function, etc. moving to the right margin? Is it because I (we) don't yet have enough posts up? When we do, will all of those move from below the last post to the right margin?


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July 15, 2005

Show/Hide Commie -- HTML or PHP?

Uh oh. Watch out. It's Kyer again.

I want to make my comments extendable. I noticed in the Thingys and Doodads section there are two helpful posts for this.

However, I don't know the difference between HTML and PHP. ::winces at noviceness::

First, what IS the diff, and second, how do I find out which uh.. "version" site I have?

I remember a while back somebody here in the Family (or maybe it was the strange drifter that handed me these scratch n sniff stickers that make me...)

::collapses:: ***

ok, I'm back now. Someone told me to input:

[?php ob_start("ob_gzhandler"); ?]

(it has "<";s on both side, not brackets)

at the top of my main index template. What does that do?

ALSO ---- In implementing the Entendable POST code, it says to implement the code in the HEAD section of "every page you want to utilize the script"....other than in the Main Index, where else would I put it???

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Has Anyone Here Gone WordPress?

I've tossed around the idea of going to WordPress instead of the MT upgrade. Mostly I'd like to go to it because #1, you can password protect and #2, you can park a post at the top. Not that I have the inclination to do either of these very often, but you never know. If I have the capacity to do so, I might just feel a bit better about not sensoring myself as much.

Anyway, I know that our cpanel gives us the option. I'm just not sure how moving old posts & comments works, in addition to stylesheet. AND I'm not sure where to login once I do that. I might have more questions, but those come to mind first.

So, has anyone done it????

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Got Awstats?

'Cause I don't.....

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Another Link Whore FestCarnival!

So, the Life, Liberty, Property Community has yet another Carnival of Liberty, the third one to be precise, coming up on Monday. The first two were quite successful, with links from Instapundit and Michelle Malkin bringing in a lot of traffic, links and comments.

If you want a place to showcase your writing on the topic of liberty visit this post of mine and then submit an entry to me! The deadline is Sunday at noon, pacific time (3:00 EST).

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July 14, 2005


New IP for everyone to ban --

My archives got hit today, and it looks like the archives for this site are getting hammered as well.

IMPORTANT EDIT: The guy whose email address is being used knows nothing about the spamming. I've been in email contact with him -- he knows someone is using his email address, but it's not his IP. Don't threaten to kill him or anything.

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How many Munuvians does it take to get to the Tootsie Roll center of a Tootsie Pop?

A one...
A two...
A three...

Or maybe 100 or 200? However many it takes we've probably got it covered thanks to all of our new immigrants. Say hello to your new neighbors:

And What Next…
Miasmatic Review
Id's Cage
Owlish Mutterings
Mr. Babylon
The Country Pundit
Confederate Yankee
Knockin' On The Golden Door
Mark Nicodemo
Dagney's Rant
Steal The Bandwagon
The Cotillion Ball
The American Princess
Not a Desparate Housewife
Sailor In The Desert
American Dinosaur
The Steiner Aid
Colossus Of Rhodey

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HTML in main page template

I had completely forgotten what HTML to use -- and where to put it -- to enlarge my blog title text. In addition, if I wanted to substitute an image in place of the regular blog title text, where would the image HTML be placed in the main page template?

Thanks much in advance.

UPDATE (1519 EST): Figured it out (changing fonts and sizes for my title banners, that is) after much playing. Think knowing where to place this code will eventually clue me in on where to place proper image code when time comes. :-)

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July 13, 2005

Java Host

I've decided to try looking for a bottom-of-the-line Java hosting service. Does anyone want to warn me away from ServerSea Hosting? They seem to be based in India, but are clearly trying to hide it, which makes it hard for me to find out anything about them, and me wary. On the other hand, I have been chatting with their support, and they seem very good. It's so cheap ($4.99/month) that I'm not too worried about it not working for technical reasons, but I am worried about credit card/domain/etc. problems.

Anybody have a counter suggestion? I need Java + mySQL. I found ServerSea from GoogleAds.

UPDATE: Next best seems to be Oxxus for more than 3 times the price (but you get a lot more bandwidth and memory - much more than I need at the moment).

UPDATE: Okay, my current favorite is eApps.

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July 12, 2005

Lions, and Tigers, and Rotating Images, Titles, and Stuff, Oh My!


I want stuff.

And I want some stuff for my blog too.

For starters, I'd like to know how some people get those randomized phrases to appear at the very top of their browsers (where it says "blah blah blah - Mozilla Firefox/IE/etc.).

I think that's neat.

Secondbrucelee, I'd like to know how I can make an image randomize. In the lower left hand corner of my b-l-o-g you will find a happenin' pizlace called the "Kuffar Korner." I currently have an image there----but I actually have 4 or 5 images that I would like to randomly appear in that locale whenever my homeizzle is refreshed.

Can you dig it?

I know, I just KNOW I had another pregunta para mis Munuvianos, pero no recuerdo.. ¡maldito sea!


UPDATE!: Now I remember the last question!

So you know how MT has that whole "Extended entry" deal goin'on for when you have long posts, right?

Well I don't like the way it works.

I've seen cats (I believe fellow Munuvians, too) whose extended entries function like this:

--1) Rather than loading the permalinkified archived post in its entirety in a new window (or the same one, whatever), it merely expands the post right then and there. You can click "continue the post...." and "hide this post!" all you want until the cows come home and it doesnt take you away from the main blog page.

--2) Instead of having it say "Continue reading (Name of Post)...", I've seen it where you can customize what it says.

¡Gracias para todo su ayuda, amigos! (Thanks for all your help, buuuudiiieees!)
(both said with a thick Pauley Shore accent)

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July 11, 2005

Fixing HTML

Does anyone know of a program/website which can check the code on our sites and either fix it, or provide a list of errors?

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I'm not sure if many others are having this problem, since most MuNus are on 2.6, unlike myself. I'm getting emails each day from irritated would-be commentors that I've supposedly blocked them for 'questionable content.' Even most times when I want to comment on my own blog, I have to simply type 'hello' and add my comment through my MT interface. Is there any way to clean out some of the blacklist entries, or is this impermissible?

Another question - if this is just an unsolvable problem, can I add a comment script onto my blog, or will that totally screw the MuNus up....as far as a spam attack. I don't hear many complaints from bloggers who use Haloscan and the like (concerning spam, that is).

I'm about to just shut my comments off out of frustration....I know that in the grand scheme of life, it's not such a big deal. Yet this mystifies me, and it makes me want to either shut off comments or figure out how to fix it;-)

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July 10, 2005

Weird post display

My site looked fine until I put some posts out. Now if I put out more than 2 posts I get this:

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

I have no clue what I did to cause this. Yes I did mess around with the template and the master. HELP Please!!! I was hoping to announce my move to mu.nu today, but not with it looking like this. Any assistance is appreciated. I did try a stare and compare to the original, but I can't see what I did wrong. thanks again.

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Oh Yeah

Until I get things sorted out:

mu.nu -at- bigpond -dot- com

pixymisa.net is currently down, but should be fixed tomorrow.
pixymisa.com should be working, but it does some strange things with redirections, so the Bigpond account is probably your best bet.

Currently downloading about 700 emails from pixymisa.com, 98% of which are probably spam. Man, dialup really sucks. :(

Update: andrew -at- pixymisa -dot- net is working again.

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Tin Cans And String

Hi kids.

What happened was this: I'm in the middle of moving house. On Friday I got the phone lines connected at the new place. An hour later, they disconnected the line at the old place. I'm still at the old place, and will be for another week, so this was ungood. I got the phone re-connected, but ADSL doesn't work any more, and it will take a week to fix... Which would be kind of pointless.

So now I'm on dial-up. Yay. Of course, the dial-up installation process died, so I spent fifteen minutes on the phone to... uh, to Telstra (yeah, I know), who couldn't fix it because it was Windows problem, but once I knew it was a Windows problem and that my account was okay I was able to beat it to death with a stick and here I am!

Yay! (For real this time.)

And many thanks to Paul. My brother got Susie's emails, so I knew about the comment problem, and that it had been fixed, otherwise I would have been here earlier.

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July 09, 2005

Comments runnng again

I got comments working again, 'cause hey, we couldn't have Bou getting all famous 'n shit without comments!

Fortunately, Eric's post that Christina mentioned included a copy of the error code. Since I don't have administrator permissions, I assumed there was nothing I could do to help, but Eric's post alerted me to the fact that it was a Blacklist problem, which I could edit and correct. Turns out it was a malformed Blacklist entry that had recently been added. I'm betting the cacksacker that sent the original comment did it on purpose to screw up comments intentionally.

Clearly the time is past due for a basic tutorial on how to safely use the Blacklist. I'll work one up and post it tomorrow.

Meantime... comment away.


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Well, I would have commented on Susie's post, but ..............

Eric's Grumbles

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Re: comments down

Pixy is moving and his internet is down, so he can't get email! I emailed his brother that the comments are down and asked him to pass it along to Pixy. In the meantime, I guess we can just ride it out, or post about it and whine a lot (I vote for the latter)

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Comments Down

Hello All.

I was just alerted by my blogPop that my comments are not working.

I tried it on my site then on Eric's and we are presently without ability to comment.


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July 08, 2005

Stylesheet Selector

I ran across this little Javascript last night and thought I'd share it with everyone.

This script will load a different stylesheet based on the reader's screen resolution. The code looks fairly simple and straight-forward. You will have to build different stylesheets and either name them the same as the current variables, or change the variables to match your stylesheet names.

I haven't tested it yet, but anything I've used from this source has worked as advertised.

I put links to different stylesheets into Eric's and Herbey's blog templates so that readers at 800x600 screen resolution could view the site with 2 columns instead of the 3 column design used for the default template. I think with this script, it would have been a much easier process.

I'd be interested if anyone tries this to see how it works out.

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Posting Animated Pix?

So, I'd like to place this on my blog--or my sidebar. How do I do it?


I know how to download a still picture, but not an animated one.

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July 07, 2005

Shameless Whoring For Submissions/Links

The Life, Liberty, Property community is hosting our second Carnival of Liberty. What's the point of the Carnival?

The Carnival of Liberty’s goal is to promote blogging and thinking about liberty and freedom. How to advance the cause, where there are problems, what we can do, who’s saying what, historical trends and ideas, liberty in the news, and more.
We'd love to have a bunch of MuNuvians contribute and help us promote the Carnival.

You can submit posts at Conservative Cat or send an email to The Carnival of Liberty.

Thanks, Eric - Grumbles Before the Grave

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July 05, 2005

Trackbacks Off Temporarily

I've been forced to disable trackbacks temporarily; the spam has been so bad this past hour that Fluffy the Spam Watchdog couldn't keep up. 71 trackbacks in ten seconds after I turned it on. That uses up all the system's memory and it grinds to a halt.

Oh great, comment spam coming in. Back in a tick.

Okay, it looks like that all got blocked. Take a look at the activity log if you like. I cleared it out about twelve hours ago, so it only has about 4000 entries in it so far.

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Quick Note On Despamming

I've given myself edit permission on everyone's blog, because without that I can't automatically remove spam for you. If you're happy to look after spam yourself and/or don't want me to have access, you can remove my permission again.

I was just taking a look at the database and realised that there was a lot of spam that was never getting removed - and this was why. I wish I had better anti-spam tools - surface-to-surface missiles, say, with stupid-seeking warheads, but for now MT Blacklist is it.

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July 04, 2005

Pain Pain Go Away!

I've done the appropriate downgrade, so let's see if it makes things all better. :)

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Evil Error Update

Just by accident I found out that it's an incompatibility between the updated versions of a couple Perl modules and Movable Type. The server is set to automatically update CPanel and related software, and it looks like that pulled the new Perl modules in, and that has caused the errors you've been getting.

I've found a solution on the MT forums and will be implementing it when I get home in a couple of hours. I'll have to see if I can restrain CPanel from updating those modules again.

Work-around in the meantime: Just keep trying. The 500 errors are more-or-less random, so unless it really hates you it will eventually work.

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Server Errors

We still seem to be getting the occasional Error 500 (internal server error) from Movable Type. Things have improved now that I have shut down a couple of denial of service attacks (well, not so much denial of service as screwing up of service), but I can still error 500 coming up now and then in the logs.

Leave a comment here if you see this; I'll continue working on a permanent fix.

I'll just add that this isn't a problem with Movable Type, but with our server... Somewhere.

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Just a test post in a gilded cage


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Categories, Take II

I am still having difficulty with making categories work. I click on the category link, and instead of seeing the posts within the category, i get one of those "Page cannot be found." Can anyone *clearly* explain how to make them function correctly? (Pixy? Hello?)

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Test Post

Test test. Post post.

Rare satellite imagery of Munuvia:


Cow Puppies

But because the animals will be difficult to ship to the U.S., the embassy plans to sell the cows and use the funds to buy Masai jewelry, which will then be displayed at a Sept. 11 memorial in New York City.

Some New Yorkers said they wanted the actual cows.

"The cows are the most amazing gift we received –- I mean, who else sent cows?" insisted Ed McCormick, a construction worker from the Bronx. "If those guys wanted us to have jewelry, they would have sent it. They wanted us to have cows. We should take the cows and raise them on a nice farm upstate and then send the cow puppies back to them someday."

The "cow puppy" concept might point up the reason New Yorkers would be better off with the beads, but no matter how it ends up, Manhattan residents are truly touched over the Masai gift.

(Wired News)

Update 1 - okay

Update 2 - okay

Update 3 - error

Update 4 - error

Update 5 - error

Restart web server

Update 6 - error!

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July 03, 2005

500 Internal Server Error

I keep getting this error as i try to post to Rhymes With Right. Can anybody tell me what is going on, and whetehr the problem is on my end or at the server?

Updated by Pixy: AAAARGH!

(Sorry, I'm at work and we're having major computer problems here right now. Give me an hour and I'll be back.)

(At least that worked.)

(In fact, it seems much better now.)

(Let me know if you have any more problems. I blocked a spam/ping flood attack, which might have been causing the problem, but I'm not sure that was it.)

(There's still some worthless excuse for an organic life-form trying to DoS us, but he's too stupid to have any significant effect.)

(Test test.)

(Test some more.)

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