July 31, 2006

IP Banning

If you're into IP banning, Trey Givens and I compiled this list of IP addresses of comment spammers who hit our blogs over the weekend:

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July 30, 2006


Sorry about the crappy performance there. I'm copying all the accounts across to the new servers in advance of the move, and when CPanel got to my account, which is, um, somewhat large, it went bananas and drove the old server into the ground.

I'm really starting to dislike CPanel.

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New Comment Thingy Banning

I've been ordered by Rusty to ban some ne'er do-wells, however, they're still commenting. With the same IP address that I banned.

Does the new comment thingy recognize the IP banning list in MT?

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July 29, 2006

Looking for help

Pixy is snowed with server issues. Does someone else in Munuviana know how to dig the side bar out of the works? I realized that not only are my blogrolls gone, but my catagories, most recent posts, most recent comments, hosted by, designed by etc are gone as well. I do not know how (and am smart enough not to attempt) to do any digging where the info probably resides. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Phin? Whatsakyer? anyone?

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July 28, 2006

Ace is down


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July 27, 2006


Is there a reason that blogger.com is in the blacklist? I would remove it, but with the recent troubles we've been having, I thought I would ask first. Pixy added it to the list in May.

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I just tried to add Whatsakyer to my blog roll, I got a this server cannot be accessed message and everything below dadvocate disappeared... what happened? Can it be fixed or do I need to re post everything on my sidebar php?

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July 26, 2006

Untouchable Comment Spam

I saw a hit in my sitemeter referrals this morning for an unlikely batch of words, so I checked out the linked post and found a flood of spam. Odd thing is that I got no email notifications of them, and when I go to the edit page (note that categories make that much easier) I don't find them listed for deletion. Can someone help me get at them?

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July 25, 2006


I begged people not to play with the blacklist unless they knew what they were doing and were able to undo their mistakes.

Apparently some people won't listen, and continue to believe they have the mad computer skillz when they don't.

For crying out loud.

Maybe this is just a glitch by Pixy as he was trying to fix something, and he'll have it all flowing again smoothly again soon.

But if it isn't-- I'd really like to know who the last person to play with the blacklist was, and why, precisely, he or she believes she's qualified to play with it when he or she has caused yet ANOTHER comments blackout.

Thanks For the Fix. And if it was the Good Pixy Misa trying to fix or improve the site, I thank you, and apologize for impugning your l33t skillz.

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Changelog July 25

I should probably create a new blog to keep this in, but anyway:


- Changed default cookie duration from session-only to 90 days
- Added automatic tag-balancing to bbCode parser rather than relying on HTML sanitiser
- Fixed bug in caching logic that would cache pages built from alternate templates as though they were the default
- Fixed user login template to go to current Minx instance rather than a hard-coded address
- Added support for session-level tags that are retained between pages
- Updated comment form error checking to use session tags for error messages
- Added template trace and include:once tag
- Added template debugging support: highlight unprocessed tags/view HTML

Current focus

- User interface
- Site statistics
- Performance improvents to comment processing

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Now we're getting crapflooded by Korea.

odals wfqdavjm suvxt qyvlksj omjexv mknufxqw fztcyx jswub hzigre
Don't you have something useful to do, you miserable wankers?

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Minx Update July 25 Edition

So, what's happening in the world of Minx?

Lots of stuff. Not as fast as I'd like, but lots of stuff.

First up, Ace and Rusty are using Minx comments side-by-side with Movable Type. Live. For real. And it's working good. (Not perfect; there are a couple of tweaks I'll be making today to fix minor problems, and then it will be perfect.

Second up, I've been preparing the Minx user interface, so that people can, well, use it. Kind of important. It's not up yet, but the first parts of it will be operational in the next week or so. (Depending on whether anything else decides to blow up and how much time I need to spend configuring the new servers.)

Quick preview:

It's a bit dull, but (a) it's workable and (b) it uses the same templating system as your blog. That is, you can change anything.

Even - if you want to - AJAXulate it. Minx as a processing system is AJAX agnostic. It takes requests and produces pages. It doesn't care whether the pages it generates are HTML or XML or indeed something else; it just does what you tell it to do. If you want to use AJAX for comments or in the user interface, you can do it. (And if we find that some extra functionality in the back end would be useful, I'll add that.)

A Brief Word About Templates

Since the user interface is driven by templates, once I started working on it in earnest I found the templates multiplying like bunnies, and it became hard to keep track of them all.

To fix this, I've created a simple taxonomy of templates.

First, there are page templates. Page templates create pages. That seems obvious enough, but there are other types of templates in Minx. The thing to remember about a page template is that you can call it directly and get back a valid (and hopefully useful) web page.

Next are block templates. Block templates are not complete pages; they represent an element that you want to re-use. For example, the block.post template controls the display of a single post. If you use the [posts:here] tag, it will call the block.post template to format the individual posts. Likewise, block.comment for comments. You can override which template is used by specifying [posts:here template=block.shortpost] or something similar.

Next are forms. The only one you are likely to see (at least initially) is the comment form. You place the comment form in your comment template simply by using the [form:comment] tag. [include form.comment] is the equivalent generic method to put a form in a page. Forms are not complete pages, but are designed to be placed in a page.

The other types of templates are includes - which are for including, like blocks - and admin pages, which generate the user interface rather than your web site.

One of the things you can do with templates now is include them once, using then [include:once] tag. Let's say you have the page header (the HTML HEAD, your banner, any CSS and JavaScript) set up in one template, called include.header, and your footer (whatever) set up in another. By [include:once]-ing them, you can include any other template, even a whole page, without worrying about that stuff getting duplicated.

Comments For Your Blog

Minx comments are almost ready for you to use. They are working, but I have to tweak the cookies (which are currently only set for the session) and the error reporting (currently doesn't do anything useful).

Basically, you need just two things: A link from your blog to http://minx.cc/?post=<MTEntryID> or and a page.post template. If you don't have a page.post template of your own, Minx will pick up the default one (which isn't very pretty). I'll tidy up the default one and post it here; then all you need to do is create a new index template on your blog, paste the standard one in, and edit it to your liking. With any luck, that will be tomorrow.

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July 24, 2006


Yuri locked up again.

Going as fast as I can on the migration to the new servers. I'll post an update later today.

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Three Columns

Can anyone help me set up three columns for http://gmroper.mu.nu? I've tried the code that was given about a month ago, but I can't figure out how to make my blog conform to what I have posted with what I want.... all help greatfully appreaciated... Thank god for backups too.

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July 23, 2006

Missing e-mail

Hi Pixy,

My shoes.mu.nu e-mail doesn't seem to be working. Is this something you can quickly whack with a stick to restart? If not, I'll just set up a gmail account, I know you are busy with Minx. Thanks so much.

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Flash Banners

Does any one know if a banner with flash animation can be used instead of the traditional banner (JPEG or what ever it is) on the mt blog publishing platform that we use or on the new and improved Minx platform?

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July 22, 2006

Moving MuNu

Yeah, we're early this year. But after what, four? Five? Outages this week, it's gotten past the point where we need to find a new home.

Hopefully one that will frigging work.

I've ordered two new dual-Opteron servers, each with 2GB of memory, 500GB of disk, 2TB of monthly bandwidth, dual 100mbit ports, DDOS mitigation, and remote reboot and console login.

Our new hosting provider is Softlayer, and they seem to have a far better network setup than DedicatedNow, who have been having some difficulties of late. (To be fair, DedicatedNow have only been responsible for one of the outages in the past week; the others have been the result of spam floods and some strange software problem with Apache that I haven't been able to resolve.)

I was hoping to hold out until Conroe-based servers were available, since they run quite a bit faster, but we can't afford any more downtime and Softlayer's private network allows us to easily add or migrate to new servers at a later date. With DedicatedNow we have a simple crosslink between the two servers, but the Jawa Report is on a separate server, and we couldn't easily add it to the cluster. With Softlayer, all servers are put on dedicated VLANs on the second network port, so if we add another server later it will automatically be included in the cluster.

I expect that we will be moving into our new home in two weeks time, so please bear with us until then.

Update: Just got a phone call from Softlayer. The servers are been set up now, and we should have them soon. Yay!

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July 21, 2006


We have received over three four million trackbacks so far this month.

Of which perhaps a thousand are valid.

If anyone wants their trackbacks, I have a six hundred megabyte logfile. They're in there somewhere. I'm happy to email it to you.

As I mentioned below, trackbacks are very likely to remain disabled until Minx supports them. I'll see what Snark can do with the current lot, but I'm not terribly optimistic.

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I've found the cause of the two recent outages - and the third one, which happened just now, but which was mercifully short because I was logged in to the server while it happened.

Trackback spam.

VAST amounts of trackback spam.

So much trackback spam that Apache locked up and wouldn't restart.

Trackbacks are turned off completely until I get it working in Minx. (Minx doesn't depend on Apache in that way, so it should cope.)

Meanwhile, we have accumulated a 250MB error log in three days, mostly from rejected trackback spam.

(For the technically minded, the load average hit 140 - and that's with the new trackback system in place. With standard MT trackbacks, the system would have been vaporized.)

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Minx Update... Whatever the hell day it is.

I think I need more sleep.

Anyway, Minx comments are in place here, at Ace of Spades, and at the Jawa Report. Give it a whirl.

Instructions on Minxifying your blog after this break.



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July 20, 2006

Ellis Island

Can whoever has the admin keys to Ellis Island turn off old comments when you get a chance? 90% of my Spam issues the last couple of days have been from a post on Ellis Island.

Thanks :)

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July 19, 2006

Two mu.nus banned in India

Congratulations are in order for The Jawa Report and to Merri Musings for getting banned in India for offending Muslims.

Because if you're not banned in India, you just haven't made it!

Details here.

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Request Re: The Blacklist

If you are not extremely proficient in MT, would you please refrain from making changes to the blacklist? The biweekly comment outages due to inept changes to the blacklist are getting out of hand.

You may mean well, but you are screwing up the site for everyone else. If you don't know how to undo your changes, stop making them.

And if you make a change, test the comments immediately thereafter. Don't just assume you did things correctly and walk away from the computer and leave the system screwed up for everyone else.

Some of you know what you are doing. Some of you only think you know what you are doing. Please take a moment to realistically evaluate your technical skills and categorize yourself correctly.

The blacklist affects everyone, and your errors shut down an important feature of blogging. Please bear that in mind the next time you decide to play around with something you don't entirely understand.

Thank you.

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Comment Error

Note: Everything with a | in it was all on one line

Invalid [] range "l-e" in regex; marked by <-- HERE in m/00rapredittedit.finance4u.us|010.allineare.com|014.guerredellastella.com
|0teen.com|0toons.com|0xxx-cartoon at extlib/jayallen/Blacklist.pm line 3098.

Got this trying to leave a comment at Alex In Wonderland

I was also told that this error:

Invalid [] range "l-e" in regex; marked by <-- HERE in m/
at extlib/jayallen/Blacklist.pm line 3098.

occurred when leaving a comment at Bad Example.

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OK, the post "Comment Problems" was meant for my blog. Obviously you all know what is going on. D'oh!

I've deleted the post, but it still seems to be there. Maybe it's just a refresh thing.

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Technorati tags

Way back in October, Eric Grumbles posted about a way to generate Technorati tags using keywords on MuNu.

Unfortunately, he is gone, and so are the instructions he linked to.

Anyone have the instructions, or instructions on the most effective way to link keywords to Technorati tags?

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Advanced Poll

If anyone has installed and used this successfully, preferably under WordPress, please let me know. I don't know what I'm doing wrong. I'm not sure where to put that snippet of code they say needs to come before the html. It doesn't work right before the poll in a post or on the sidebar. I'm almost sure since it's a cookie that in needs to be added to the template...I just don't know where. HELP!

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July 18, 2006


So I noticed that some of the mu.nu blogs were AWOL all afternoon UK time.

Another attack?

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I just found out that my uncle is trying to read my blog (from the States - PA) and gets a message that he's "unauthorized."

Is this something on his end?

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July 17, 2006

So Much Spam, It's Like Hawaii!

So much spam coming in to old posts, it's like a genuine Hawaiin dinner!

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Have they been purposely disabled? The following error message appears when I click on various mu.nu blog trackback links:

An error occurred: Fruitcake error: Unknown database 'mt_db'

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cPanel Woes

I can't get anything to stick in cPanel. Ban, redirects, everything. It always says some sort of error. It won't even save an e-mail addy for me. Help.

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July 16, 2006

I've Returned!

Hello all!

Just saying I've come back to blogging finally. As of right now i'm using Wordpress, but I am looking forward to trying out Minx.

Be sure to stop by and say hello!

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July 15, 2006

Blog City Quiestionable?

Several commenters are unble to put their blog-city.com link since they get a message that it is questionable. How do I get blog-city off that list?

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July 14, 2006

Hack Attempt?

Pixy, the comments on these posts appear to show someone is trying to hack the Jawa Report.



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Minx Update July 14

Has it been a month already? (Checks.) Yes.

I've just finished converting Minx from the proof-of-concept CGI version to the production-ready CherryPy version. I was kind of ducking this issue, because it required me to make a couple of hundred changes to the code (mostly small changes, but lots of them), and I had to make them all at once.

I like to work on an incremental change/test cycle, and this was the opposite of that. So I ended up spending two days messing around and not achieving anything useful, one day working out how to make it work, one day making the changes, and then a solid day debugging.

But it works! Yay! (Uh, mostly. I'm having a little difficulty getting it to co-operate with out main Apache installation, which is why Minx is currently sitting on port 81.)

Other things I've been working on are comment registration, the caching system, and double-dynamic templates.

Comment Registration

With a community like munu, and even more so with the new site, this is the only way to go. A single login will work across all the munu blogs. We'll have to work out how banning will work; the new site will have a sophisticated dickhead-filtering system, but I haven't even started on that yet.

There will be cool toys for registered users; I'll start working on those next week.


Minx is already fast enough for munu. We serve something like 100 to 200 pages per minute; Minx can do up to 1500 (if they're complicated pages with inline comments, more for simpler pages). But if you get Instalanched/Slashdotted/Digged/whatever, you don't want the server grinding to a halt.

The caching system keeps a copy of pages generated. The first version of caching just saved the copy and served it up again if the page was requested again in the next five minutes. The new improved version actually tracks if new posts or comments are made, and rebuilds the page as needed.

With caching, Minx could potentially serve 15,000 pages per minute on the munu servers. Though at that rate, we'd run out of bandwidth pretty fast.

Double-Dynamic Templates!

The problem with caching is that there are some things that you want to change depending on who is looking at the page. If you have a welcome message, like "Hello Pixy Misa, welcome to Munuviana!", you really don't want that to show for everyone who looks at the page for the next five minutes.

The solution to that is Minx's Double-Dynamic Templates.

Actually, they're sort of triple-dynamic...

Here's how Minx generates a page:

First of all, it finds out what blog you are looking at. That ?blog=14 bit is what tells it right now; I'll be fixing that up so that it works it out from the domain name.

Then it goes to the database and finds the Page template for that blog. If there isn't one, it fetches the default Page template, which lives on blog number 1.

The Page template has instructions like [posts:here] which says, well, put the default number of posts (currently 20) at this place in the page. For the posts it looks up the Post template; you can specify an alternate template, or you can use the generic [posts] ... [/posts] structure and put all the details in the main Page template.

For each post, and similarly for each comment, Minx can apply a series of filters to the text. This includes things like smilies, macros, bbcode, HTML sanitising, Textile, WikiText, smartquotes, and so on. Once the text from the post or comment is mangled to your satisfaction, it gets slotted into its place in the template, specified by [post.text] or [comment.text].

Finally, after pulling up all the posts and comments and other details, Minx puts together the complete page. It saves that page in the cache for posterity.

And then it processes it again, for a second set of tags. Right now the only one that works is the performance stats block at the bottom of the page. You can tell Minx where (or if) to place the stats blog using the [magic.stats] tag, but that really only replaces that tag with a [final.stats] tag. And that tag gets processed even if the page is read from the cache, in a second template pass.

That's how it can say:

Processing 0.08 seconds.
45 queries taking 0.06 seconds, 141 records returned.
Page size 86 kb.
Powered by Minx/MT
and then, when the exact same page is reloaded, come back with:
Retrieved from cache, processing time 0.0 seconds.
Page size 86 kb.
Powered by Minx/MT
This gives Minx the flexibility to do, well, pretty much anything.

The reason I say that it's sort of triple-dynamic is that bbcode and macros both hvae the ability to process template tags right into your posts. I still haven't decided whether that's a good thing... But it does mean that I can do this:


Next up: The interactive stuff. Comment editing (one of the benefits of user registration). Um, the user registration itself. Posting. Private messages. Searches. And then, the retromingent spam filter!

Update: Tee hee hee!

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July 13, 2006


So, uh, Pixy...

How would a long gone blogger go about reinventing himself by recreating his blog in Minx?

Or at least point me toward the Minx Control Panel!

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July 10, 2006

A DDOS Solution?

Pixy, I got this email from N.Z. Bear today. I thought rather than just forward it, I'd share it here because we have quite a few tech-savvy munuvians.

I present it without judgment, because I have the technical skilzz of a blind cave salamander.

The email is below the fold, here's his post on the subject.

Glenn reports that Jeff Goldstein is suffering another DDOS attack, limiting access to the Protein Wisdom we all crave.

I agree with the Instafellow: this is indeed getting out of hand.

So I have a thought. It seems that what we bloggers need is a way to combat a Distributed Denial Of Service (DDOS) attack which leverages the same principals as the attack itself --- most particularly, the Distributed part. Call it a Distributed Guarantee Of Service.

The challenge is this: how could we establish a system so that a blogger suffering a DDOS attack (or simple system downtime, even) could be guaranteed a way to post during their outage.

The key part would be setting up a way for member blogs to 'host' a downed blogger's posts. It seems to me that there are two categories of bloggers that matter here: those that are on limited / controlled hosts such as Blogspot (who therefore can't run server-side scripts, but can generally include Javascript code) and those who have full hosts (who can run PHP or other server-side scripts).

So what I'm picturing is a PHP script that would provide the actual 'hosting' which would run on the full hosts, and actually act as a temporary guest home for a downed blogger. And then perhaps a Javascript applet for the limited hosts which could at least serve as a notifying beacon that there is a blogger in 'down' status, and link a reader to the full hosts to actually see that blogger's posts.

There's lots of design details to be done here. How could the blogger post? E-mail, or via a simple web-form hosted by the full members? How can the post, once entered on one full member's site, be replicated automatically to all other members? (That's the magic: it has to be replicated so that the DDOS attacker can't just re-target a single backup site).

I'll noodle on this more and post further thoughts, but I'd like to open the discussion and get some other smart minds working on this problem. Comments are open --- let's get to work!


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July 08, 2006

Help - Picture Problem

I'm trying to create a post that I would like to publish tonight. Unfortunately, none of the pictures I'm uploading are appearing when I do a preview - they are all broken picture icons.

I figured out that it's a problem with the Hot Link Protection that I enabled a couple of weeks ago. I forgot to check the box that says "Allow direct requests". Unfortunately, CPanel will not allow me to change this. I get an error message. Part of what it tells me is

Apache detected an error in the Rewrite config.

fopen: No such file or directory
httpd: could not open document config file
Nor can I disable the protection.

If you want the entire message with file paths let me know but for now I won't post them.

Anyhow - HELP please!

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July 07, 2006

For the last &*^%&*$ Time


I am damn tired of seeing this:

An error occurred:

Invalid [] range "i-b" in regex; marked by <-- HERE in m/-casino|-com.com|-mobile-phones.org|-online\.com|-online\.net|-replica\.|
015.ambrato.com|03.bruciarsi.com|03 at extlib/jayallen/Blacklist.pm line 3098.

That is all. Thanks for your attention.

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July 06, 2006

Minx Suggestion

You know what would be a great feature on this new Minx thingy: If you could allow comments& trackbacks on new posts, but disable them on all old posts.

Like, say, after 3 weeks comments and trackbacks automatically turned off. That would be sooper-sweet.

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Markup Question

I'm trying to make the publisher info at the bottom of the book reviews on my site different. I want them to be smaller and highlighted. I added a CSS class to my style sheet that would do that, and I put span class=thatclassname before the info, but it's not working.

The CSS I added looks like this:

.book-info {
font-family:palatino, georgia, times new roman, serif;
background-color: yellow;

and the tag in the posts looks like < span class="book-info">blablabla< /span>
What am I doing wrong??

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July 05, 2006

State Of The Munion '06

Hi ho everybody! Time for the semi-annual-ish State of the Munion address.

So where are we today?

Well, last month was - you might have noticed - something of a disaster. We were hit by repeated denial-of-service attacks initiated (we believe) by Turkish Islamists annoyed with the Jawa Report. Between the attacks and the steps I had to take to minimise the attacks, we encountered more than our fair share of difficulties, and CPanel is still something of a nervous wreck. I'll be cleaning up CPanel over the next few days, now that everything else is out of the way.

The next few months, on the other hand, are looking a whole lot brighter.

Minx is here. It's not a full blogging solution yet, but it will be, very soon. The reason for the sudden burst of progress is simple: I am being paid to write it.

For a while now I've been wondering how (or even if) I could make mu.nu pay without destroying its character. Running blogads would probably bring enough revenue to pay for the servers, but not really make any return on my time. Which is fine; I enjoy running mu.nu. But if there were a way to make enough money so that I could spend all my time on mu.nu, that would be extra cool.

And it looks like I've found something close to that. mu.nu doesn't have to change; we'll have new, best-of-breed software to run it on; and I get paid to write that software.

The secret is, there's going to be a new site coming along, and it's going to be a whole lot bigger than mu.nu. Different, in that anyone will be able to sign up for it, which is both better and worse. Different too in that it will be a commercial operation, and I won't have final say in everything that happens (though I'll have a lot of influence).

What will happen is that all the software that is developed for the new site will come to mu.nu first. You, my loyal band of guinea-pigs, will get first crack at all the goodies - and there are a lot of goodies planned.

During July and August I will be rolling out daily updates for Minx. I will be demonstrating it to the money guys in a couple of weeks, so I'm aiming to make it a fully-functional - albeit spartan - blogging system by then. And after that, start icing the cake.

We're aiming for a soft-launch of the new site in September, and I plan to do that via mu.nu. To steal an idea from Google, every Munuvian will be given five invitations to hand out, for free accounts on the new site. September and October will be the shakedown phase for the new site, with a full launch planned for November.

To summarise this, we have:


Pixy Misa, publisher
non-profit / non-revenue
unlimited access to all features
unlimited disk space and bandwidth

New Site

Pixy Misa, technical manager
final decision on non-technical matters lies with the folk paying for it
for-profit - advertising supported / paid accounts
limited access to features / disk space / bandwidth based on your account level
by invitation in startup phase, moving to fully open within a few months

I hope to start adding new blogs at mu.nu again soon, but Minx and the new site will be taking up almost all my time for the rest of the year. However, once we have Minx running at both locations, it will become much easier to add new blogs here.

We have world domination scheduled for 2009. I think we're on target.

P.S. I can't tell you the name of the new site yet, but you'll know it when you see it. If you see something new, and think Could that be it? then that's not it. When you see it, you'll say Yep, that's Pixy.

Trust me on this. ;)

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July 04, 2006

Pic A Color Any Color

As we look forward to the great Munuvian migration I have gone in search of tools to augment my meager template manipulation skills. I found a nfty piece of MAC freeware called Dragonfly 2.1.

Dragonfly is a color picker for web-developers. You can pick four different colors and see how they fit together. That makes it easier to find a nice color set for a website.

Of course dragonfly displays the colors as hexadecimal code so you can copy and paste it easily to your web-project.

Moreover Dragonfly features automatic color variation creation: you choose one color and Dragonfly gives you three additional variations of the color. And there is even a special selection tool for finding a text color that fits. When you've found your favorite colors you can save them so you always have them at your fingertips.

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Today, We Celebrate Our Munuvian Independence Day

By the power vested in me as a Munuvian, I hereby declare this July 4th, and all subsequent July 4ths, to be Munuvian Independence Day, to run concurrently with the U.S. celebration.

What business do I have, you may ask, declaring this when our benevlolent overlord, Pixy Misa, is an Aussie?

Because Pixy Misa knows freedom. I would dare say that Pixy cherishes freedom more than alot of us do.

Case in point: The Jawa Report. If I were running the show, I would've told Rusty to take a hike and pay for the hassle of the filthy Ottoman DDOS attacks with some other hosting company.

Not so our Pixy Misa, he went out of his way to not only allow us Jawas to continue to insult Islamotards, but to make sure all other Munuvians weren't spoiled by us bad apples.

This is freedom, folks. Pixy's brainchild embodies the very spirit that drove those people 230 years ago to sign that Declaration.

WHEREAS: With the power invested in beer money

WHEREAS: Said beer being duly consumed

WHEREAS: It has been repeatedly demonstrated that attacks from Islamotards, spammers, and various and sundry other Evil Perpetrators, including the Bastard 9 Days To Deliver A Server Hosting Company, do not deter our Pixy from strenously retaliating without thought of recompense

WHEREAS: The man has to endure our whining here, not to mention in email, and yet doesn't even delete the dead blogs, like Steal The Bandwagon, who quit a year ago

WE DECLARE: July 4th, of any year, to be Munuvian Independence Day, unless Pixy objects, of course, because we can do what we want, say what we want, and be whatever we want in Munuviana.

Can I get an amen hallelujah?

Oh, I almost forgot our official Munuvian Independence Day mascot:

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Are they reasonably legible? Anyone here who's colourblind?

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July 03, 2006

Same CPanel Problems

Not to pick a nit, but I've not managed to get around the CPanel error I've been having. Even after trying something that Mr. Miyagi might recommend (log out, log in) I'm still getting the problem in the file manager, which prevents me from uploading anything. After logging into CPanel and clicking on File Manager, I get this instead of a directory listing:

[a fatal error or timeout occurred while processing this directive]

It's also not remembering prior logins and the contact e-mail address. All of this is, of course, quite over my head, so any help is appreciated.

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That Was Quick

We're getting spammed through the Minx comments. It has only a trivial spam-prevention mechanism right now, and it looks like they've gotten around it.

Time to take it to level two, I guess. Before we go live, or anything like that...

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July 02, 2006

entrys on the blitz

When I bring up the Munuviana blog, i'm not seeing any entries after june 30th Anything I should know about?

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