September 30, 2004

Llama Nuts n Bolts Question

I have been having trouble lately getting our blogroll to load. The main column seems fine, but the site seems to get stuck towards the end of the upload, leaving the blogroll off.

Anything I can do about that?

-Robert the Llama Butcher

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Debating Mu.Nu Style

Any interest in a debate party in the Mu.Nu Chat? The debate starts at 9:00. Stop by and vent, rant or cheer. I would offer to supply refreshments but this going to have be strictly BYOB for logistical reasons. This will also be a clothing optional event.

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Basic MT Blacklist – step by step.

This is a followup to the earlier primer that described what Blacklist does. Now it’s time to actually put it to work.

First, let's make sure it is turned on for your blog.

Go to If you’re not already logged in, you’ll be asked for your blog's username and password. Enter it. You’ll be brought to a screen as shown below. Click on the box labelled Configure.

Blacklist configure screenshot

This is the next screen you’ll see. You want to make sure that there is a checkmark in both the Comments and Trackbacks boxes. (you'll likely only see the title of your own blog, not the several that you see in this screenshot.) Then scroll to the bottom of the page and click Save Configuration.

Blacklist block screenshot

Once you’ve done that, your blog is ready to take advantage of Blacklist’s automatic protection capabilities.

The majority of spam should get blocked before it reaches you, but if you find that your blog has received a number of spam comments (if it’s just 1 or 2, it’s just as easy to go into your admin page and delete them from there), you’re going to want to get into the Blacklist again, either by using the address you used earlier, or by clicking the De-spam link at the bottom of one of the comment notification emails you received. When you get to the Blacklist page, you’re going to click on the De-Spam button, which will take you to the page shown below. (If you got to the page via the link at the bottom of an email, you'll be taken directly to the De-spam page.)

Blacklist search screenshot

Here, you can set the number of recent comments to check. I usually ask it to go through the last 2500, to be sure. It’s also worth asking it to check the last 15,000 or so the first time you do this - and only the first time, as it really stresses the server - in case you’ve got old spam comments hiding from a long time ago. (We're talking about the last n comments on all of MuNu, so that's why the search number needs to be so high). Once your number's entered, click Search.

If it finds any comments which it has been taught are spam, it will list them on the page, and give you the option of un-checking any that you actually want to keep (a good security feature). Once you’ve decided which to delete, tell Blacklist to get rid of them, and it will also rebuild the entries that need it.

If you have a whack of spam, but the Blacklist doesn’t find it, and you’re not thoroughly familiar with how to create new entries in the Blacklist, you can just wait a couple hours, and come back and try again. It’s entirely possible that in the meantime, an experienced user will have encountered it as well, and will have created entries that will let Blacklist find & clean yours. (Pixy is famous for doing this incredibly well) I’ve got some ideas for how to increase the likelihood of that happening, but that’s for another post.

So there are the the basic steps in the arcane art of the Blacklist. If anything's unclear, be sure to ask.


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MT Blacklist primer.

Since Linda & others have asked, this is just a quick backgrounder for Munuvians trying to get their heads around what Blacklist is and does.

Blacklist is a piece of code, or ‘plug-in’ that is installed into the core of Moveable Type to help block comment spam. Because it’s installed into the core of MT (not on individual blogs), its settings affect every blog at MuNu. And therein lies its greatest strength and its greatest weakness.

If a spam comment is received by one of us, and an appropriate entry made into the Blacklist as a result, any further attempts to add similar comments to any other MuNu blog will be automatically blocked. That’s good.

It also means that if a spammer dumps a huge amount of junk on us at once, before we have time to alert Blacklist to the problem, we can still retroactively add an appropriate entry to the Blacklist, then tell Blacklist to go back and look at all the last 1000 (or however many) comments, and automatically delete any that it finds that match the new criteria we just added, so we don’t have to delete them all by hand. That’s also good.

The problem is – blacklists are very blunt tools. They cannot think for themselves, so can only filter what we tell them to. That means for new spam, we actually have to get hit with it first, in order to tell Blacklist how to block it from then on. Also, if someone tells it to block the word flag, for example, then Blacklist doesn’t see a word, but a string of letters, and it will block any comments containing the word ‘flag’, but also any containing the word ‘conflagration’ or any others containing that string. And it will block such comments for every other blog on MuNu. So if one of us accidentally adds the text string ‘http://’ to the Blacklist (which recently happened) then every blog will block comments with that string. (it’s how blog addresses are entered in comment boxes, so it essentially disallowed almost all commenting.) That’s bad.

Blacklist allows us to enter both url’s to block, and individual words. It’s almost never a good idea to block individual words, because they’re guaranteed to be needed/wanted by someone else in some form or variation later. Much better to block the web addresses of the sites these scumsuckers are trying to advertise.

Because the scumsuckers also know exactly how MT Blacklist works, they are tailoring the content of their spam comments to cause problems for less experienced Blacklist users. It’s called the ‘poison pill’ approach, where they include a legitimate and important string in with the junk of their message, so that if you blacklist the comment without noticing, you’ll screw up a whole bunch of legitimate commenters for all MuNu blogs. This is how '' accidentally got added to the Blacklist recently, meaning that no one entering a yahoo email address could comment.

So, the bottom line is that unless you’re quite sure you know what you’re doing, it’s not a good idea to be adding entries to the Blacklist yourself. The good news is, you can still use Blacklist to help you. That’s the subject of the next post.

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Well, it came down to a bigger, faster server at our existing hosting company, Liquid Web, or an also bigger and faster but not quite as bigger and faster server at another company, Server Matrix.

Liquid Web kindly helped me make my decision by hiking up their prices twice in the past month. The Liquid Web server ended up at $350 setup and $339 per month, compared to the Server Matrix server at $199 setup and $219 per month. The Liquid Web server was nicer in some ways, but not $120 a month worth of nicer.

So, stats of the new server:

Dual Xeon 2.4GHz with HyperThreading™
1GB ECC memory (ECC = extra crunchy)
2 x 200GB disks (mirrored)
1500GB bandwidth per month
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3
CPanel & Fantastico
Urchin web analyser thingy
I'll be setting up MT 3.11 and EE 1.1 on the new server rather than on the existing one, because that way I can play around without having to worry about breaking anything.

Although they specify 2.4GHz processors, that's really a minimum, and if we're lucky we'll get 2.8's instead. Also, they have HyperThreading™ so it looks like a quad-processor machine instead of just a dual-processor machine. In reality, it's only 10% or 20% faster, but every bit counts.

Now I get to play with my new toy for a while before I start moving people across. :D

Oh, and I think I've solved the problem with future bandwidth growth: The secret is reverse proxies.

Update: The folks at Server Matrix just called. They're setting up our server now. :D

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September 29, 2004

Two IT Questions!

My chickens, I need some help.

First off, I am sick and bloody tired of comment spambots, and I want to close all posts older than 2 weeks. I can't keep deleting 300 comments a morning. It's whipping me. Does anyone know of a code (and where to put the code) to automatically do that?

Also, a pc question-I just replaced the fan in my pc, and now it shuts itself down (not just on standby, but actually closed down). Any ideas on how/where to change this on the settings, so that it will stop doing this?


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It's likely not worth mentionin'

I dunno, but I thought tonight's Navel Gazin' Report™ was one of the best pieces of humor I have composed of late. What do ya'll think?

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The Eekage Is Over

And we still seem to be on the 800GB plan. :)

I'm still looking for a bigger, faster, shinier server, but for now at least I don't have to rush into it.

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September 28, 2004

No Notification

For some reason, lately, I haven’t been getting email notification of comments.

Anyone know what’s up with that?

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September 26, 2004

Time To Moove?

Liquidweb came back and said they couldn't do anything for us. And it took them forever to actually say that.

So I'm currently looking at a server with another company, and we may end up moving house next weekend.

I'll keep you posted.

Posted by Pixy Misa at 10:59 AM | Comments (24)

questionable content

Is anyone else having a problem with people reporting comments not posting due to 'questionabl content', when the comment contains no such thing?

I've had a few lately, whereas I seem to be able to post comments with any old swear words I want in my own blog. And I've also been able to post other people's comments for them even though they keep getting the error!

Any ideas? Much appreciated :).

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September 25, 2004


Hey, fellow Munuvians. I just thought I'd let you all know that today is my 1 year blogiversary. I'd like to thank Pixy Misa for rescuing me from BlogSpot and making it possible to keep posting for this long. Also, thanks to everyone who has come to my site, even if you were just browsing the MuNu blogroll.

That's about it.

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September 24, 2004

The Ongoing Eekage

(Click on the image for a full-size version.)


We've gone from less than 10GB per day to around 40GB. Which is rather more than I'd bargained for. Hope Liquidweb gets back to me soon, or I'm toast.

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September 23, 2004

Archive Template Help

I want to change my archive template to look just like my main page template. I've tried several of my own homegrown tweaks and I'm doing something wrong. I just can't seem to turn it from a single column to a dual column. I figure that if I put all my links up in a sidebar in all of my archives, I might get some people to click around my blogroll, including my munuvian blogroll--more traffic all around!!

On a related note, will somebody wake me up when evil Glenn Reynolds is dead? Am I the only munivian without an Instalaunch or am I in good company. I saw the our own flying spacemonkey got an Instalaunch. I mean, did the spacemonkey have to pay Glenn Reynolds off, threaten him, or was it his girlish physique and promises of pleasure that brought Glenn around?? Enquiring minds want to know!!

Posted by Rusty at 09:30 PM | Comments (27)

Very strange things

Okay, so my blog does this very strange thing (sometimes) when viewed in Firefox (and, I'm told, Safari and probably some other non-IE browsers).

Sometimes on the main page (and on the other pages) the first post present doesn't "word wrap" properly (or at all). All the other posts do, though. Then, if a link within the body of the post is visible you can just drag your mouse over it and the post pops into place with proper word wrapping and display and everything. It's fine after that.

I have to believe (both out of vanity and out of how it works) that this is not a problem in my CSS coding but is instead something going on with the browsers (because it displays well after the link is rolled over).

The other weird thing is that the page I stole the basic layout from doesn't have this problem at all. Is there something I can do, or should I just live with it?

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No Pixy!

Pfui!, which I've had hosted elsewhere for years, has expired. I've poked the folks responsible with a stick, but in the meantime you can always reach me at andrew -at- pixymisa -dot- net.

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Haiku Contest

Victor, without asking me, mind you, has declared it Joe Don Baker Haiku Day at annika's journal.

i turned it into a contest. There is a prize, if anyone's interested.

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September 22, 2004


I contacted our hosting provider to ask about moving from our 500GB plan to an 800GB plan, and they're getting me pricing on that.

Except that it seems that they had already mistakenly put me on the 800GB plan without charging me for it.

Posted by Pixy Misa at 04:43 PM | Comments (24)

Bandwidth Bandwidth Eek!

Guess who has these Sitemeter stats:


Total 137,903
Average Per Day 3,655
Average Visit Length 1:14
Last Hour 2,331
Today 34,117
This Week 25,588
Bandwidth consumption, which had started to slow down, has now shot through the roof. I'm going to contact my hosting company and see if I can move to a higher plan without moving servers. I mean, well done guys, but so far today we've had more traffic than we did in the whole of March.

Oh, yeah:


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September 21, 2004

I really hate to ask it...

But I need help on my homework... or more importantly the Research Paper that lets me graduate!

Heh. So anyway, I have to write a research paper, and I need 7 sources. Only 1 can be a website.

My topic is:

Does a* government have the right to limit what people say on their blogs?
Now since its apparent that my main source of information is cut off from me, I've found a way around it. But it requires the help of bloggers. I can interview people to get the information I need. Idealy I would most like to talk to the bloggers in other countries, though my offer is extended to all. (I'll give ya links if you help... even though I'm not blogging-eh). So if you could email me at mookie_riffic @ yahoo dot com or leave a comment with your email, I'd really appreciate it.

*as in any government, including and not excluding the U.S. but I think the US is pretty clear on it.. ya know, the whole first admendment thing

So... Please?

UPDATE: I changed my topic to

Blogs are destroying corporate media's hold on the public

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September 20, 2004

Pixy's Birthday

Pixy is obviously the Benevolent Dictator of Munuvia. Does anyone have any ideas on what his Official Title should be?

All I can come up with is "Dear Leader."

Posted by Victor at 05:35 PM | Comments (34)

September 19, 2004

Keeping everybody straight - a request

With the recent population explosion at Munuviana, it's getting harder to recognise what sites people are from just by their first names (usernames). This can be particularly difficult here when folks post their questions and the person who wants to help can't tell what your blog address is from the post. Moveable Type can automatically take care of this by turning the 'posted by' link on each of these posts into a link to your blog, but you have to tell it that's what you want. (By default, it just links to your email address, which isn't always instructive.)

So, a request to all MuNu's. Go to your main menu page (its the first one that shows up after you log in to administer your blog) and click on the Edit your profile link on the right hand side of that page. On the line that says Website URL (optional), fill in your blog's address ( While you're there, you can look at the Nickname box , as that's the name that will be displayed in your 'posted by' on your blog, and here at Munuviana. (Update: Sorry, the Nickname field is NOT currently being used as your 'posted by' name here, and it's not enabled by default on many of the basic templates. Changing that will be the subject of an upcoming post.)

If everybody does this, I think it'll make these group areas much more useful to each other.

And if any of this isn't clear, just ask.

Posted by PaulT at 06:42 PM | Comments (18)

Archives Question

This is probably one of those annoyingly simple things that is confounding me at the moment: how do I set up our archives so that when someone follows the link back to our page it shows just that particular entry, plus comments, instead of the whole durn archive for the whole month?


Posted by Steve at 02:13 PM | Comments (17)

September 18, 2004

Semicolon? I Don't Need No Stinking Semicolon

Well actually it seems that I do and that I left a bunch of them out when last updating the Pull Down Menu.

You have my full apology and all of the semicolons where they are supposed to be.

Posted by Stephen Macklin at 05:55 PM | Comments (20)

Referrer's Log in Javascript

Near the bottom of my sidebar, I have a script to list my referrers from the last 24 hours (original source here). Sometime in the last couple of weeks, it went wonky on me, only listing one or two people. But, and this is really odd, it's only acting up on my home PC, and if I check my site from work the referrer log is nice and long, like it should be (and used to be at my home PC).

Here's the snippet from my template, which hasn't been changed (I've replaced the 'greater than/less than brackets with square brackets):

[script language="Javascript" src=""][/script]

Any ideas for what might be happening?

Posted by Ted at 01:31 AM | Comments (21)

September 17, 2004

Gmail anyone?

If anyone has an extra Gmail invite, I'd love to have it. If you want to be nice that is.

tbux at

Posted by Tom Jefferson at 09:21 PM | Comments (17)

Future MUNU Candidate?

This guy looks pretty cool. A former Pennsylvanian. In exile.

Just thought I'd like to share.

Posted by Tom Jefferson at 09:16 PM | Comments (17)

Oh, And...

A couple of you are waiting for replies to emails. Hi Linda! Hi Elizabeth! My computers at home blew up, and although my Linux box is back up and running (all I needed to do was repair some mirrors and fsck a one terabyte filesystem), my Windows box, which is where my email is - has gone completely insane. I need to back it all up and reinstall it - which will be the third time this week.

Anyway, I'll be getting back to you this weekend, and then after that it's the Carnival of the Munuvians (for real this time!) And then... stuff. I have to get pets installed on the forums or my life won't be worth living.

Posted by Pixy Misa at 08:57 AM | Comments (18)

Munuserver Mk 3?

Apropos of our recent boom in hits and our ongoing growth in members, I've been shopping around for a new Munuserver.

This is what we're currently running on:

Athlon XP 2500+
1GB memory
2 x 80GB disks (mirrored)
120GB backup disk
500GB bandwidth per month
Fedora 1
CPanel & Fantastico
This costs $160 per month.

This is what I'm looking at:

Dual Xeon 2.4GHz
1GB ECC memory (ECC = extra crunchy)
2 x 200GB disks (mirrored)
1500GB bandwidth per month
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3
CPanel & Fantastico
Urchin web analyser thingy
About twice as fast, three times the bandwidth. Same amount of disk space, effectively, but it's all mirrored. $219 per month.

I think it's a good deal, but I'll hunt around a bit more. And then we get to move house again. :)

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Bandwidth Bandwidth Yum!

Just thought I'd let you know that you kids are really chewing through that 'ol bandwidth this month, thanks in no small part to our friend Dan. In fact, you're on track for a 50% increase from last month!

(Which is great, except that this pushes us from a comfy 40% utilisation to a not-as-comfy 60%.)

Anyway, top gobblers so far this month are Ace at 35GB, Dr Rusty at 11GB, and then our friendly Llamabutchers at 9GB and Anna at 7½GB. Go Ace!

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September 15, 2004

Jes' so's ya know!

I was checkin' the munu blogroll and saw some blogs I didn't recognize. One was S A P S A which stands for San Antonio Polio Survivors Association, I learned. I actually have a brother-in-law, now in Tennessee who survived polio, but I know very little about his battles. He seems fairly fit now, although I do know he has some abnormal musculature in one leg, but otherwise seems to be fairly normal and fit. I perused this blog, and there is some postin' of a general nature, but the main reason I mention such is because of the design. It was another of those done by Hammerhead and Pamibe, and, this one is superb eye-candy. Welcome to Munuviana S A P S A!

Posted by Tiger at 10:31 PM | Comments (27)

Pro Football Pick Em

OK, so I'm a week late, but I feel better late then never. In any case the settings will drop the first week from averages, and we all start at week two anyways. The rules are simple: each week pick who is going to win the games. More you get the better.

To join go here and join group ID # 46883 and the password is paradox.

Good luck! Up to 50 can join.

Posted by Nick Queen at 04:30 PM | Comments (20)

There is definitely somethin' strange goin' on

So, wanna see jes' how many different views you can get lookin' at the same page? I got the full scoop on whatever is causin' the where is the page with my most recent posts? non-voluntary contest in the Munuvian universe over on my blog. Check it out!

Posted by Tiger at 04:08 AM | Comments (18)

September 14, 2004

Need help with obscene spam

In the last 2 weeks I've been getting lots of obscene comments posted to my site (lettersfromnyc) and I've had to delete them all manually. This morning I was lucky I only had 10, but that's because I keep checking/deleting frequently and only keep comments open for my 4 most recent posts. The spammers all use unique IP addresses. All this typing has caused my carpal tunnel syndrome to flare up again.

I've checked MT's help feature to see what to do but other than "sanitizing defaults" and adjusting the "Comments template" there's not much. At Munuviana archives there's mention of a plug-in back in Nov '03 but that was prior to MT blacklist being added to the current MT version we have (if I'm not mistaken).

I'd appreciate it if anyone could provide me with some specific solution on how to permanently block these commenters/comments. Thanks.

UPDATE: thanks Rachel Ann, it was set up but I just didn't know that link at the bottom of the comment was how you de-spammed!

Posted by Michele at 04:23 PM | Comments (22)

If I wasn't buzzed, I would pullin' my hair

Is it me, or is anyone else havin' problems gettin' their files replaced on the server? Here I am in the middle of recreatin' my template as well as reworkin' my css file and I cannot get the pages to upload right. How do I know? I have saved and rebuilt the css file three times, then asked to view the file once the rebuild is done, and I cannot find any of the changes I made to such file. I am givin' up, I guess, for awhile. If it looks bad, it will get better. It is readable, I think. It ain't like I was up to postin' much of anythin' today anyway. I am kinda sad. I hear Zongo is in a real bad way.

Posted by Tiger at 02:20 AM | Comments (26)

September 13, 2004

I been givin' some thought to somethin' - BUMPEDx2

[I am leaning toward 2 columns, wantin' to javascript the hit parade ala NZB, and open to other suggestions. Madfish? You must be buried!]

I have been thinkin' 'bout doin' some extensive renovations on my blog template and .css files, but thought I might put the situation out for comments and any suggestions, bids, or ideas from the professionals. Come on, ya'll munuvians, lend me your thoughts on my blog.

Posted by Tiger at 11:59 PM | Comments (25)

September 12, 2004

Pull Down This

I have updated the Pull Down Menu with all the latest MuNubies.

A couple of thoughts - when earlier I sent out a cry for help - thank you Mr. Willie and Tuning Spork - our great and exalted leader Pixy Misanoted this in a comment:

I've confirmed that the Javascript lists definitely aren't working with the Ecosystem, so I changed Ambient Irony and Munuviana over to PHP (which definitely does work).
I guess this means that links from this script aren't working with the Ecosystem either. I haven't the slightest idea what to do about that. Can this PHP (whatever the hell that is) do a pull down?

I guess I have some Googling to do!

Posted by Stephen Macklin at 02:39 AM | Comments (27)

September 11, 2004

I didn't get that memo

Miss Apropos has closed up shop?

Serious bummer, I'm gonna miss you Emma.

Posted by Ted at 05:10 PM | Comments (37)

What Happened?

I know I've gotten behind in updating the pull down list. I came here to check the list to see who is new but somebody went an alphabetized the thing. It used to be You could tell who was new because they were at the end of list. That made them easy to add to the pull down script.

So if you are new here, let me know.

If you happen to have a handy list of all the recent Munubies, even better.

Posted by Stephen Macklin at 04:01 PM | Comments (28)

September 10, 2004

Little Formatting Question

Now that all the cool kids are spelling Dan Rather's name with the superscript "TH" in the middle, I realize I need to be able to do superscript as well. Anyone know how?

Posted by Attila at 09:26 PM | Comments (33)



For some reason AwStats is not showing any numbers for the last couple of days...I tried updating twice but nothing. Did we have a meltdown? Can that data be retrieved?

Posted by Simon at 08:41 AM | Comments (22)

Bastards Again

I had to shut down comments for 15 minutes just now due to a munu-wide spam flood.

Should be back to normal now.

Posted by Pixy Misa at 05:56 AM | Comments (16)

Help, Mt's got me and I can't get up!

Helen advised me to paste my post here:

As you may know, I was - amazingly - allowed to join the hallowed ranks of Munuvia last month. In the meantime, we have had birthdays and 3000 miles on the van and all sorts of other distractions (most good, some not so much).

Today at lunch, I sat down and rolled up my sleeves and said to myself - "Self? It's time to learn MT 2.x and get this website up and roaring"

Here's the progress:
- I have confirmed that Jennifer, at Scriptygoddess, is indeed, a goddess
- Likewise Movable Style
- I have discovered that 12 Tylenols do not a lunch make
- I made a banner heading... THAT I HATE

This shouldn't be so hard, right? I want a template like the one I have now - a centered table. Like everday stranger or drunken bee. 2 columns - 1 for posts and 1 for stuff. But not spanning the whole page.

Anybody? Please?

My gratitude awaits....

Posted by Elizabeth at 12:24 AM | Comments (20)

September 08, 2004

Many, Many Thanks

Pixy Misa (Andrew), I've never properly thanked you for giving me the opportunity to blog in your domain. I've enjoyed every minute of it thus far. I've appreciated your immediate response when I've had difficulties, as well as the excellent and willing help of Madfish Willie, without whom this blog would not have the format with which I feel most comfortable.

I really, really appreciate all you've done for me. I hope I will find myself able to express my thanks in a more concrete manner soon.

Again, thank you.

Posted by Nathan at 09:41 PM | Comments (15)

September 06, 2004

Carnival of the Munuvians

Assuming our latest DNS burp is settling down now, I'll move on to our next special feature:

The Carnival of the Munuvians

Yes, every week/fortnight/month/other interval (delete where not applicable) we will be featuring a parade of all the best that MuNu has to offer!

Email me at carnival -at- pixymisa -dot- net with your best recent post (where the definition of recent is something I'll leave up to you) and I'll present them all next Monday at the all new MuNu portal site.

Update: The launch of the Carnival has been put off until next week - Monday the 13th of September. This gives all you slackers time to get your entries in. My thanks to the 9 people who already have. :)

Posted by Pixy Misa at 04:02 PM | Comments (38)

Remembering Comments Info

Ever since this darned issue about MT not remembering Comments info came up, we've been wondering what the fark is the problem.

As a temporary fix-it, Carla suggest -- in a comment over at Don's:

Instead of clicking on "Comments" from the first page, click on the permalink. Save your personal info there, and repeat the process for commenting. For some reason, the "Post a Comment" section of the permalink does save the info, while the separate "Comments" box from the front page does not.

So, the permalink (usually the timestamp on the post) remembers the personal info, but the Comment page doesn't!

I don't know anything about programming. But, if anyone among us knows about it, then maybe s/he can identify what's included in the Permalink code that makes it remember pesonal info that's not included in the Comments coding.
If we can find that out then we may be able to finally fix this.

In the meantime, click on the Permalink (timestamp) to comment in MT and leave your info there. Ignore the Comments button and enjoy being persona grata from here on out! :D

Posted by Tuning Spork at 01:19 AM | Comments (23)

September 05, 2004

The Bastards Are At It Again

Hi all.

The latest trick from the comment spammers is to include a link to a non-spam domain in their crap. Examples I've seen today include and

Please take a moment when you're blacklisting someone to make sure you're not zapping one of these domains as well.

Posted by Pixy Misa at 07:27 PM | Comments (19)

mt plugin installation

OK, I've done a fair bit of searching round MuNuviana and the like, but I can't find anything on how to install a plugin on MuNu. My designer wants to install a small plugin for my new skin that shows the 'top commenters' on my site. She would usually install it "into the plugin dir. in the dir where mt.cgi file is, and obviously on mu nu it isnt set up that way."

Any ideas on where she should install it folks? Or aren't I sposed to be installing plugins? Thanks :)

Posted by goldie at 08:40 AM | Comments (20)

Oh Lookie!

MT 3.11 is out. Good thing I hadn't already upgraded...

Posted by Pixy Misa at 02:17 AM | Comments (19)

September 04, 2004

You can never write "Home" again...?

Apparantly the word "home" is a no-no over at our mermaid's Lyrics of Life in LA.

My comment was disallowed due to "questionable content: home.*\com"

I had to change "drove home from work" to "drove from work", and "drove home" to "drove on", before I could post the comment.

I know that this has been addressed before, and the solution to this problem might be a good addition to the Useful Thingies and Doodads sidebar.

In the mean time, it'd be cool if someone could let Kirsten know how to get rid of the ban on the word "home". :)

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September 03, 2004

Paypal button

I have just volunteered to help a good friend build a Habitat for Humanity house here in Mississippi. Not only are we building it, but we're raising the funds as well.

That being said, I'd like to put a Paypal donation button on my blog in hopes that my 15 readers will kindly donate. How easy/difficult is it to set something like that up? I'm sure cutting and pasting the HTML code for the button is easy, but not sure of the specifics of setting up the Paypal account. Now that I've typed all this, I guess I could check the Paypal site. D'oh! If anyone has any experience with this, though, your thoughts would be appreciated.

Howard (3leggeddog)

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Sitemetering Pages

So how do I do the thing, recently recommended somewhere or other, of putting sitemeter on individual pages? I saw it recommended somewhere or other, and I'm expecting a lot of internal hits for this weeks entry in the Carnival of Recipes (posted for informational purposes only) and even more when I host said Carnival.

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Sticky Tape?

Does anyone know how to sticky tape something to the top of the page? I'd like to put in something like a "Please pray for" list on top.

Also, I would like to add a radio thingee to my blog, but I can't get radio blog to work. I can't hear anyone else's radio blog except funkaliscious.

Thanks all.

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Archive fun

Okie, I am extrememly new at HTML stuff...but I'd like my blog to only show one entry at a time. How would I make the archives not be daily/weekly but by post? Any ideas?

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September 02, 2004

Mayday! Mayday! PHP incluudes Crashing and Burning


My PHP includes just went belly up, and I'm at a lose as to why. It says:

Warning: main( failed to open stream: HTTP request failed! HTTP/1.1 403 Forbidden in /home/nick/public_html/index.php on line 1070

Warning: main(): Failed opening '' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/lib/php:/usr/local/lib/php') in /home/nick/public_html/index.php on line 1070

What am I doing wrong? I never changed anything, I promise.

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Let's Say

Let's say I have two web pages and I only want to
load the one that is the newer of the two.
How can I determine which is newer without loading them both first?
Sort of a load a page and it forwards you to the newer(of the two) page.
I know how to do the forward. Just not the choosing which to forward to.

Of course I'd like to know in the context of using the tools availible here to me as a munuvian.

Can anybody help me?

Madfish Willie? Pixy? Bueller?

Update, the decision part is figured out, now all I need is a php utility/command that returns the date when a file/url was updated.

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*There is a battle being waged*

As some have discovered, an ugly smelly alien creature has commandeered Beyond the Black Hole. Although, I survived the onslaught, Bird Brain, Miss Kitty, and Bill Bulldog were turned into ash after some flashlight was shined on them. I have found the alien's Achilles heel, but this seems to be a job that I and some of my wee friends, who have joined in this resistance movement, are too insufficient in mass and strength to mount much of an effort in ridding the Earth of this menace. I am hopeful that I might get a few other to join. If you would like to become a part of the team attempting to regain control of Beyond the Black Hole, please try to get a message to me, somehow.

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September 01, 2004


So, how exactly, does one create multiple blog skins (see Captain's Quarters for an example (blog skins 2 and 3).

I am trying a new-fangled kind of thingy (I think) but am not entirely sure of the mechanics involved.


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Okay, the cleanup of the MuNu DNS is now complete. This required the editing of 183 files and several restarts of the DNS server. Thank Bourne for shell scripts... Our DNS is more complicated than you might think because is not just a name server, but a domain in its own right and a domain registry as well, and this doesn't sit well with CPanel. (On the old box, I had things set up so that everything was just dumped into one file, which worked suprisingly well, but CPanel doesn't allow me to do that.)

As always, it will take a few hours for these changes to make themselves known right across the world. Once they do, no-one should have any trouble getting to any MuNu site, unless the entire server is down.

If you do have a problem (which won't happen), try again without the www in front. Or if you didn't have the www in front, try it with that. In any case, let me know, because I really, really, want to make sure this is fixed.

Oh, and let me know exactly what URL you were using when the problem happened. I really really need to know this.

Thanks everyone!

P.S. I'll be setting up MT 3.1 and EE 1.1 this weekend for people to play with. If anyone has any other toys they'd like to see installed, this is a good time to let me know.

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During the night I received over 200 SPAM comments from this fuck at on a range of IP addresses. Can anyone help block him on MT list or whatever?

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My blog, Blogo Slovo, won't load. I am hosting the Carnival of the Vanities and I can't get the blog to load. Help!

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This is Dave from BlogoSlovo. I am supposed to host the Carnival of the Vanities tomorrow, I am typing from my parents' house, and my site won't come up on the browser, but everyone else from MuNu land seems fine. Is something wrong? Did I fail to pay my bill or blow my bandwidth?

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